California Vehicle Rebate Program (CVRP) for Businesses

Get up to $5,000 to purchase or lease new advanced technology vehicles, including plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV), battery electric (BEV), and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV). Rebates are available to California-based businesses that purchase or lease an eligible vehicle.

CVRP Rebate Amounts

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Be an owner of a California-based business
  • Purchase or lease a new eligible vehicle
  • Apply for a rebate within 18 months of purchase or lease at
  • Own and register the vehicle in California for 30 months
  • Review additional eligibility guidelines
Maximum Number of Rebates per Business Type

As of January 1, 2015, businesses are limited to two CVRP rebates by either a direct purchase and/or lease. All rebates issued before this date do not count toward the two rebate limit. This does not include rental, public, and car share fleets.

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Rental or Car Share Fleet Rebate Amounts

Rental and car share fleets are subject to a reduced-ownership provision and vehicles rebated for rental and car share vehicles are rebate-eligible if retained in California for a minimum of one year (twelve consecutive months) but less than 30 months.

Rebate Amounts for Rental and Car Share Fleets with a Reduced Ownership Option

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Additional Information

The Center for Sustainable Energy manages the program. Please visit their website for detailed eligibility information and to apply for a rebate.

866-984-2532 (English)
858-244-4872 (Español)

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