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Following a November 5, 1998, hearing, the Air Resources Board (ARB) amended California's Low-Emission Vehicle (LEV) regulations. The new amendments, known as LEV II, will advance the state's clean air goals through improved emission reduction standards for automobiles. These amendments were formally adopted by the ARB on August 5, 1999, and, after approval by the California Office of Administrative Law on October 28, 1999, became operative November 27, 1999.

The ARB first adopted LEV standards in 1990. These first LEV standards run from 1994 through 2003. LEV II regulations, running from 2004 through 2010, represent continuing progress in emission reductions. As the state's passenger vehicle fleet continues to grow and more sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks are used as passenger cars rather than work vehicles, the new, more stringent LEV II standards are necessary for California to meet federally-mandated clean air goals outlined in the 1994 State Implementation Plan (SIP).

The SIP is the state's "road map" to attain federal clean air standards by 2010 and includes among its measures strategies to further reduce air pollution from automobiles and other mobile sources. When LEV II is fully implemented in 2010, it is estimated that smog-forming emissions in the Los Angeles area will be reduced by 57 tons per day, while the statewide reduction will be 155 tons per day.

In 2012, ARB adopted the LEV III amendments to California's Low-Emission Vehicle (LEV) regulations. These amendments include more stringent emission standards for both criteria pollutants and greenhouse gases for new passenger vehicles.

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    They include the major "LEV III" amendments for both criteria pollutants and greenhouse gases; these amendments became operative August 7, 2012.
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