July 28, 1998
Mail-Out #MSC 98-18
Reference No. Z-98-331

Dear Recreational OHV Working Committee Member:

Although our Recreational OHV Working Committee has not met for some time, I am writing to update you with what has since transpired, what is currently being planned, and when we can look forward to resolving this item. You may recall at our last meeting in March, the announcement of legislation that had been introduced which sought to repeal the OHV regulations. Addressing this untimely legislation, unfortunately, did result in temporarily diverting our staff's efforts at resolving the working committee's issues. However, important progress has been made. An interagency meeting between ARB and DMV was held for the purpose of addressing the issue of liability; as it pertains to the development of practice areas for users of competition motorcycles. I am pleased to announce that issue was favorably resolved.

Another interagency meeting between ARB and DPR/BLM was held to discuss enforcement concerns. Unlike with Green Sticker registration, there is not an accessible database for motorcycles with Orange Stickers. This poses verification difficulties for public land enforcement personnel. Furthermore, the acknowledged situation of some competition motorcycles being inappropriately issued Green Stickers presents a scenario of enforcement inconsistencies.

At this juncture, a meeting at the Executive Staff level between DMV, DPR, and ARB is scheduled for the latter part of July. The purpose of this meeting is to formulate an acceptable and successfully executable policy that will result in satisfactorily remedying the issues regarding practice areas and use of competition motorcycles that have been the main source of discussion at the working committee meetings. I am confident that at the completion of this meeting, sufficient progress will have been made to warrant a meeting for the members of the Recreational OHV Working Committee.

Therefore, our next committee meeting is scheduled for the following date and location:

September 2, 1998
11:00 am to 2:00 pm
Air Resources Board
9528 Telstar Avenue
El Monte, California
Haagen-Smit Laboratory - Room 110

Thank you for your patience in this matter. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Ms. Jackie Lourenco, Manager, Off-Road Controls Section, at (626) 575-6676.


Robert H. Cross, Chief
Mobile Source Control Division