Carl Moyer Program Archives 2012

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This page provides the Carl Moyer Program postings from calendar year 2012.

Archived Postings

Attachment (1004 KB)Posted November 30, 2012

        Solicitation for Applications to receive funding from the Carl Moyer Program - Year 15 Funds

  • Solicitation Memo (PDF 191KB)
  • Tentative Allocation (PDF 26KB)
  • Application (PDF 150KB)
  • Application (Word 67KB)

Posted November 7, 2012

  • Mail-Out #MSC 12-23 (PDF 103KB) Handouts are posted for the November 14, 2012 Public Meeting To Consider Changes to the On-Road Voucher Incentive Program Guidelines. Attachment (PDF 601KB)

Posted October 25,2012

  •  Mail-Out #MSC 12-22 (PDF 77KB) Carl Moyer Program: Administrative Allowance Regarding Contracted Usage Rates for Off-Road Projects.

Posted March 30, 2012

  • Mail-Out #MSC 12-07 (PDF 79KB) Carl Moyer Program: Review and Update of the Cost-Effectiveness Limit and capital recovery Factors for 2012 (79 KB) Attachment (270 KB)

Posted January 6, 2012

  • Mail-Out #MSC 12-07 (PDF 204KB) Approved Revisions to the 2011 On-Road Voucher Incentive Program Guidelines to update VIP grant amounts for on-road truck for calendar year 2012.