Incentive Program Oversight

This page last reviewed September 23, 2015

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State law provides ARB with the oversight responsibility and authority to monitor local district implementation of California's incentive programs.  Incentive Programs include the Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment (Carl Moyer) Program, Lower Emission School Bus (School Bus) Program, Air Quality Improvement (AQIP) Program, and Proposition 1B: Goods Movement Emission Reduction (Goods Movement) Program.  This page provides links to the procedures that guide ARB incentive program review, reports and responses for completed program reviews, a list of upcoming program reviews, and related reports from State auditing agencies.

For questions related to program reviews, contact Yvonne Sanchez at (626) 575-6618.

ARB's Program Review Policies and Procedures

The Policies and Procedures Manual for Reviewing Districts' Carl Moyer and Lower-Emission School Bus Programs (PDF-120KB)

Program Reviews 



  2015 Program Reviews
  Sacramento Metropolitan AQMD

  2014 Program Reviews
  Bay Area AQMD

2012 Program Reviews

San Diego County APCD 

Ventura County APCD 

Lake County AQMD 

Tuolumne County APCD 

2011 Program Reviews

Eastern Kern APCD

Imperial County APCD

Shasta County AQMD 

San Joaquin Valley APCD

2010 Program Reviews

Santa Barbara County APCD

San Luis Obispo County APCD

Sacramento Metropolitan AQMD

South Coast AQMD

2009 Program Reviews

Colusa APCD

Feather River AQMD

Glenn County APCD

North Coast Unified AQMD

Northern Sierra AQMD

Tehama County APCD

2008 Program Reviews

Mojave Desert AQMD

Antelope AQMD

Bay Area AQMD

Monterey Bay Unified APCD

San Diego APCD

2007 Program Reviews

San Joaquin Valley APCD

Bay Area AQMD

2006 Program Reviews

Ventura County APCD

Sacramento Metropolitan AQMD

South Coast AQMD

Butte AQMD

Other State Agencies’ Audits and Evaluations of the ARB's Carl Moyer Program




Bureau of State Audits Report on the Carl Moyer Program (Includes Response Letters from ARB and the Bay Area, Sacramento, San Joaquin and South Coast Air Districts).


Department of Finance Evaluation of ARB’s Carl Moyer Program (Includes ARB Response Letter)