2005 Carl Moyer Program Guideline Revisions

This page updated January 12, 2006.

The Air Resources Board staff has revised the existing Carl Moyer Program guidelines to address new statutory requirements. The guidelines were approved by the the Board in November 2005. Information regarding these revisions, such as public workshops and presentations, may be found on this page.
2005 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines
Part I (PDF - 358K) or (Word - 491K) Executive Summary, Program Overview and Administrative Requirements
Part II (PDF - 877K) or (Word - 2.2MB) Project Criteria
Part III (PDF - 89K) or (Word - 172K) Agricultural Assistance Program
Part IV (PDF - 861K) or (Word - 2.1MB) Appendices
Proposed 2005 Guideline Revisions
Meeting Notice (PDF - 22K) Notice of Public Meeting to Consider Revisions to the Carl Moyer Incentive Program Guidelines and to Establish the Agricultural Assistance Program
This document has been finalized. Please refer to the 2005 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines above.
August 2005 Public Workshops
Presentation- Day 1 (PDF - 521K) or (PPT - 2.6MB) Workshop Presentation - Administrative Procedures, Cost-Effectiveness, On-Road
Presentation- Day 2 (PDF - 287K) or (PPT - 832K) Workshop Presentation - Off-Road, Goods Movement
Presentation- Day 3 (PDF - 222K) or (PPT - 1.0MB) Workshop Presentation - Agricultural Sources, Agricultural Assistance Program, Voluntary Accelerated Vehicle Retirement
Proposed Project Criteria (Word - 464K) or (PDF - 304K) ARB Staff's Proposed Project Criteria for the 2005 Guideline Revisions
Workshop Notice (Word - 49K) or (PDF - 87K) To discuss revisions to the Carl Moyer Guidelines. Workshops will be held August 17-19 in Sacramento and August 25 in Fresno.
April and May 2005 Public Workshops
Presentation (PPT - 1.6MB) Workshop Presentation
Issues (Word - 68K) or (PDF - 80K) Issues for discussion at Carl Moyer Program Workshop
Workshop Notice (Word - 44K) or (PDF - 80K) To discuss revisions to the Carl Moyer Guidelines.
November and December 2004 Public Workshops
Workshop Notice (PDF - 846K) To Discuss Future Revisions to the Carl Moyer Program Guidelines

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