Carl Moyer Program Guidelines Supplemental Documents

This page was last reviewed July 15, 2013

This page contains clarifying information to help air districts and applicants evaluate Carl Moyer Program projects.

Current Carl Moyer Program Guideline Supplemental Documents

The following supplemental documents are a tool to help stakeholders understand the policies of the 2011 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines.  These documents have been updated to reflect Board approval provided on April 28, 2011.  These documents are to provide air districts and participants with clarifications to the policy components of the Guidelines.

2008 Carl Moyer Program Guideline Supplemental Documents

Implementation Charts

Locomotive Projects - Guidance for Determining Emission Factors

Guidance for Determing Emission Factors
These documents provide information regarding required steps for determining Carl Moyer Program locomotive project emission factors.

Method for Estimating Fuel Consumption of a New Gen-Set Switch Locomotive
The following document provides guidance and an example to estimate fuel consumption for a locomotive project

Marine Projects - Detroit Diesel Engines and Serial Numbers

The following documents provide information to assist Districts with locating Detroit Diesel marine engines including engine model and model year and associated serial numbers.