Retooling the Carl Moyer Program

This page last reviewed March 17, 2011

April 28, 2011 Board Notice of Public Meeting is available.  In addition, the Proposed Draft 2011 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines are available for public comment.


Since 1998, the Carl Moyer Program has provided over $680 million in incentive funding for near-term air pollution emission reductions from equipment and vehicles.  The program provides grants for cleaner-than required engines and emission control devices that reduce toxic particles and smog-forming gases. However, as a result of recently-adopted regulations and changes in the economy, fewer projects are now eligible for funding. This update (known as "Retooling") of the Carl Moyer Program Guidelines is necessary to identify new opportunities for emission reductions.  It will help ensure that the program continues to achieve results now and in the future.

Staff will present the Proposed Draft 2011 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines to our Board for consideration on April 28, 2011.  March 10, 2011, marks the beginning of the public comment period for the proposed revisions to the Carl Moyer Program Guidelines. Below is the Board Notice for Public Meeting and the Proposed Draft 2011 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines for review.  Also, further below is information on the retooling development components.

Board Notice of Public Meeting

Proposed Draft 2011 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines:

Guidelines in One Document
Proposed Draft 2011 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines (PDF  7.54MB)

Guidelines Separated into Sections
Executive Summary (PDF 126KB)
Part 1 : Program Overview and Project Criteria
Chapter 1: Program Overview (PDF 274KB)
Chapter 2: General Criteria (PDF 153KB)
Chapter 3: Program Administration (PDF 647KB)
Chapter 4: On-Road Heavy-Duty Vehicles (PDF 327KB)
Chapter 5: On-Road Heavy-Duty Fleet Modernization (PDF 259KB)
Chapter 6: Emergency Vehicles (Fire Apparatus) (PDF 206KB)
Chapter 7: Off-Road Compression-Ignition Equipment (PDF 440KB)
Chapter 8: Off-Road Large Spark-Ignition Equipment (PDF 255KB)
Chapter 9: Off-Road Equipment Replacement (PDF 377KB)
Chapter 10: Portable and Stationary Agricultural Sources (PDF 292KB)
Chapter 11: Locomotives (PDF 298KB)
Chapter 12: Marine Vessels (PDF 293KB)
Chapter 13: Light-Duty Vehicles (PDF 661KB)
Chapter 14: Lawn and Garden Equipment Replacement (PDF 258KB)
Appendix A: Acronyms (PDF 150KB)
Appendix B: Definitions (PDF 242KB)
Appendix C: Cost-Effectiveness Calculation Methodology (PDF 303KB)
Appendix D: Tables for Emission Reduction and Cost-Effectiveness Calculations (PDF 1.11MB)
Appendix E: Description of Certification and Verification Executive Orders (PDF 1.39MB)
Appendix F: Chapter References (PDF 291KB)
Appendix G: Description of Functional Equivalency of Non-Original Equipment Manufacturer Repowers and Rebuilt Engines for use in Repowers (PDF 217KB)
Appendix H: Cost-Effectiveness Limit and Capital Recovery Factors (PDF 234KB)
Part 2: Voucher Program Guidelines
On-Road Voucher Incentive Program (PDF 1.75MB)
Off-Road Voucher Program (PDF 1.91MB)
Part 3: Agricultural Assistance Program
Agricultural Assistance Program (PDF 111KB)

To Submit Public Comments on the Proposed Draft 2011 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines:

To submit public comments on the Proposed Draft 2011 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines, please click here:

Supplemental Documents for the 2011 Guidelines

The following supplemental documents are a tool to help stakeholders understand the proposed policy of the draft 2011 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines.  These documents will be updated to reflect any Board action or direction provided in April 2011.  Since these documents only help to clarify policy in the Guidelines and do not propose additional policy, they do not require Board approval.  As such, comments regarding these documents should be directed to .  

Fleet Rule Implementation Charts (PDF 2.64MB)
Example Calculations (PDF 702KB)
Regulatory Compliance Instructions (PDF 221KB)

Staff Contact Information:

Retooling Development Components:

Throughout the retooling of the Carl Moyer Program Guidelines, ensuring transparency has been a main goal of ARB.  In order to acheive this goal, many public workshops and workgroup meetings were held where staff presented information regarding proposed revisions or additios to the Guidelines along with guidance documents to help the public understand why these revisions or additions were proposed.  Below is a brief summary of the intent of retooling, the current guidelines and guidance documents, and a timeline of events. 

Program Administration

The Carl Moyer Program is in its 12th year of providing incentive funding.  Additional regulatory activity and newly created programs have increased the complexity of administering the CMP.  Staff is seeking input and discussion on existing administrative requirements and evaluating new procedures.  The overall intent of retooling is to increase program efficiency, allow for flexibility, and maintain the integrity of the program by adhering to Health and Safety Code requirements.

Source Categories

The CMP funds emission reduction projects from various mobile sources categories operating throughout California. These source categories currently include: on-road, off-road, locomotive, marine vessels, agricultural sources, and light duty vehicles. Staff is seeking input on opportunities for changes to current source category chapters and adding new source categories.

Off-Road Voucher Incentive Program

Current Carl Moyer Program Guidelines and Statutes:

2008 CMP Guidelines

Health and Safety Code

Guidance Documents:

Guidance Document: Methodology Used to Determine Surplus Emission Reductions Eligible for Funding

Guidance Document: Revised Cost Effectiveness Criteria and Capital Recovery Factor

Timeline of Events:

Revisions to the Carl Moyer Program Guidelines will occur in two phases.  Near-term revisions will be presented to the Board for consideration in March.  Long-term revisions with updated Carl Moyer Program Guidelines will be presented to the Board for consideration in March. Below is a table with the time line of events.

Activity Date and Place
Board Meeting to Consider Revisions to the Carl Moyer Program Guidelines April 28, 2011 
  Public Workshop
  Notice (PDF 32KB) Agenda (PDF 11KB) CMP Presentation (PDF 151KB)
  Increasing Participation in the Carl Moyer Program (PDF 22KB)
  Off-Road Voucher Incentive Program Funding Tables (PDF 570KB)
 January 11, 2011
Public Workshops
Notice (PDF 36KB) 
Agenda (PDF 10KB) Presentation (PDF 524KB)
September 28, 2010 in Sacramento (Webcast)
September 29, 2010 in El Monte
  Workgroup meeting to discuss retooling changes to the Agricultual Sources Chapter
  Agenda (PDF 20 KB)  Presentation (PDF 1.31MB)
August 24, 2010
  Workgroup Meeting to discuss Off-road Voucher Program as a new source category
  Agenda (PDF 17KB)
  July 29, 2010
  Second Workgroup Meeting to discuss Fire Apparatus as new source category (formerly called Emergency Equipment) 
  Agenda (PDF 28KB) Presentation (PDF - 66 KB)
  July 28, 2010
   Public Workshop 
  Notice (PDF 36KB) Agenda (PDF 9KB) Presentation (PDF 724KB) 
  May 17, 2010
 Workgroup Meeting to discuss Emergency Equipment as a new source category
Presentation (PDF 300KB)
March 30, 2010
Board Meeting to Propose Near-Term Revisions for Consideration  March 25, 2010
Public Workshop 
Notice (PDF 31KB) Agenda (PDF 14KB) Presentation (PDF 43KB)
LESBP-CMP Revisions Handout (PDF 36KB)
Attachment 1 - Proposed Lower-Emission School Bus Program Guidelines (PDF 31KB)
Attachment 2 - Proposed Voucher Incentive Program Guidelines for Retrofits (PDF 2.71MB)
Attachment 3 - Proposed Carl Moyer Program Guidelines (PDF 42KB) 
January 26, 2010 in Sacramento (Webcast)
Public Workshop
Notice (PDF 46KB) Agenda (PDF 6KB) Presentation (PDF 400KB)
CMP Handout (PDF 55 KB)
Attachment 1 - Proposed Voucher Incentive Program Guidelines (PDF 2.79 MB)
Attachment 2 - Proposed Carl Moyer Program Guidelines (PDF 154 KB)
Attachment 3 - Locomotive (PDF 5KB)
December 14, 2009 in El Monte
December 15, 2009 in Fresno
December 17, 2009 in Sacramento
Public Workshop
Notice (PDF 36KB) Agenda (PDF 6KB) Presentation (PDF 240KB)
October 29, 2009
Public Workshop
Notice (PDF 34KB) Agenda (PDF 3KB) Presentation (PDF 233KB)
October 13, 2009