Carl Moyer Program: Light-Duty Vehicles

This page last reviewed January 3, 2017

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Light-Duty Vehicles

Chapter 13 in the 2011 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines describes the minimum criteria and requirements for light-duty vehicle projects.

For more information regarding the Carl Moyer Program, please email us or contact ARB's Diesel Hotline.

Projects Eligible for Funding:

Project Types

Two types of light-duty vehicle projects are eligible for Carl Moyer Program funding: voluntary accelerated vehicle retirement (VAVR) and voluntary repair of vehicles (VRV). Air districts may choose either or both projects to administer. The Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) also administers vehicle repair and retirement projects under their Consumer Assistance Program (CAP). Both the Carl Moyer Program and CAP projects are administered and operated in a consistent manner but accept vehicles at different times within the Smog Check cycle. Generally, the Carl Moyer Program accepts vehicles that have passed their last Smog Check test while CAP accepts vehicles that have either passed or failed their most recent Smog Check test.


Eligible Project Types: Light-Duty Vehicles




Scrap older, more-polluting vehicles earlier than their expected lifetime, when still operational and having a remaining useful life.

Two types: conventional & high-emitting


Achieve surplus emission reductions by funding repairs that would not have occurred otherwise or by accelerating repairs so they occur early.

For more detailed information on Project Criteria please see Chapter 13, Sections D-L, pages 13-2 to 13-9 of the 2011 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines.

To find your air district or to check if funding is available for this category, please visit our Air District Contact Page.

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