Carl Moyer Program: On-Road Heavy Duty Vehicles

This page last reviewed December 8, 2016

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On-Road Heavy Duty Vehicles

Chapter 4 of the Carl Moyer Program Guidelines describes the minimum criteria and requirements for on-road heavy-duty vehicle projects, except the Fleet Modernization and On-Road Voucher Incentive Program (On-Road VIP) projects (see Chapter 5 of the 2011 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines and the On-Road VIP Guidelines for more information about these programs). Local air quality management or air pollution control districts may set more stringent requirements based upon local priorities.

For more information regarding the Carl Moyer Program, please email us or contact ARB's Diesel Hotline.

Projects Eligible for Funding

The Carl Moyer Program provides funding for On-Road Heavy-Duty Vehicle projects, including the project types below.

Eligible Project Types: On-Road Heavy-Duty Vehicles



Truck Replacement Projects:

     Fleet Modernization 

     On-Road VIP

Visit links listed to the left for more information on eligible Fleet Modernization and On-Road VIP projects.

New Vehicle Purchase

Purchase of new vehicles with engines cleaner than those required by law (below 0.20 gram per brake horsepower (g/bhp-hr) NOx emission standard)

Repower Existing Vehicle

Repower with an engine cleaner than that currently in the vehicle.

Retrofit Purchase

Installation of a verified diesel emission control strategy. Funding is limited to retrofits that provide early or extra emission reductions, beyond reductions required by regulations.

Transport Refrigeration Units (TRU)

Due to the Air Toxic Control Measure (ATCM), projects available for funding are limited.

Idling Reduction


Projects include electric auxiliary power units (APU), as well as truck stop electrification for both on-board and off-board infrastructure. Funding is limited to projects that provide emission reductions beyond what is required by regulation.

Carl Moyer Program Funding Amounts

Listed below are the maximum funding amounts for eligible on-road vehicle projects as described in the 2011 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines.

Maximum Funding Amounts for Carl Moyer On-Road Vehicle Projects
(Cost-effectiveness may limit funding amount)

Project Type

Maximum Funding Amounts
(Per piece of equipment)

New Vehicle Purchase

25 percent



Retrofit: Highest Level particulate matter (PM) + NOx


Retrofit: 2007 Engine Standard Equivalent


TRU Retrofit

100 percent

Idling Reduction Retrofit

100 percent

Maximum Funding Amounts for Carl Moyer School Bus Projects
(Cost-effectiveness may limit funding amount)

Project Type

Maximum Funding Amounts
(Per piece of equipment)

School Bus Retrofit


School Bus Repower


School Bus Electric Conversion


School Bus Zero-Emission New Purchase


For more detailed information on Project Criteria please see Chapter 4, Sections D and E, pages 4-3 to 4-13 of the 2011 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines.

To find your air district or to check if funding is available for this category, please visit our Air District Contact Page.

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