Heavy-Duty OBD Regulatory Documents

This page last reviewed June 25, 2018.

Clean Versions of the Latest OAL-Approved Heavy-Duty (HD OBD) Regulations

Here you will find the latest OAL-approved "clean" versions (with no strike-outs or underlines) of the HD OBD and associated enforcement regulations, sections 1971.1 and 1971.5, title 13, California Code of Regulations.  Since these clean versions were made by ARB staff for convenience, these versions do not constitute official versions of the regulations. The official versions of the regulations are Barclays Official California Code of Regulations and can be found at www.oal.ca.gov

2018 HD OBD and OBD II Regulatory Documents (Board Hearing: Tentative 2018)

Documents for the HD OBD Workshop: November 2, 2017 

ARB held a public workshop on November 2, 2017 to discuss its current position and proposals regarding HD OBD-related issues.  Here you will find the documents pertaining to the workshop:
  • Workshop Notice: Invitation (Mail-Out #ECARS 17-07) to the public and industry to discuss the proposed amendments to the HD OBD regulation. This notice indicates the date (November 2), time, location, and a quick summary of the issues to be covered during the workshop.  (PDF - 689K)
  • Workshop Presentation: ARB workshop presentation of the proposed amendments. (PDF - 1.86MB) 

2015 HD OBD and OBD II Regulatory Documents (Board Hearing: September 24-25, 2015)

Documents for HD OBD Regulatory Amendments: Board Hearing September 24-25, 2015

Minor amendments to the HD OBD regulation and associated enforcement regulation (sections 1971.1 and 1971.5, title 13, California Code of Regulations) were proposed as part of the 15-Day Notice for the OBD II rulemaking package (September 24-25, 2015 Board Hearing) and approved by OAL on July 25, 2016.  The specific amendments are as follows:

  • Amendments to Section 1971.1: Deletion of the definitions for "Emission standard," "Evaporative emission standards," and "Exhaust emission standards" or "tailpipe emission standards" from section 1971.1(c).
  • Amendments to Section 1971.5: Revisions to the definition of "Nonconforming OBD System" in section 1971.5(a)(3).  

The regulatory documents related to this rulemaking can be found on the OBD II Regulations and Rulemaking website. For reference, descriptions of the amendments to the HD OBD regulations can be found in the "Notice of Public Availability of Modified Text" (15-Day Notice) (PDF - 299K) and the associated regulatory language (with strike-outs and underlines) (PDF - 66K), and the final OAL-approved HD OBD amendments (with strike-outs and underlines) can be found in the Final Regulation Order (PDF - 70K).

The regulatory documents for this 2015 OBD rulemaking update can also be found on the official ARB regulatory website here.