Red Sticker Off-Highway Recreational Vehicles

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A public workshop to discuss the regulatory proposal for off-highway recreational vehicles will be held on May 16, 2018 in El Monte and May 17, 2018 in Sacramento. The presentation materials can be viewed here:
  Workshop Notice.
  Workshop Notice (northern session)
  Workshop Presentation
  Draft Regulatory Langauge

A public workshop to discuss the updated emissions inventory for off-highway recreational vehicles will be held on April 11, 2018 in El Monte. The notice can be viewed here: Workshop Notice   Workshop Presentation

History of the Red Sticker Program

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) first adopted OHRV exhaust standards in 1994, in part to reduce emissions from high emitting two-stroke OHRVs.  In 1997, prior to implementation of the exhaust standards, stakeholders expressed concern regarding the availability and performance of compliant OHRVs, and access to practice areas.  In 1998, after extensive collaboration with industry, the red sticker program was created.  Beginning with the 2003 model year, OHRVs that do not meet emissions standards receive a red registration sticker from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  During peak ozone season, the red sticker limits operation at certain off-highway recreational vehicle parks located in non-attainment areas.

At the July 2013 Board Hearing the Board directed staff to conduct an assessment of the red sticker program.  Based on the outcome of this asessment, staff will work closely with manufacturers, rider groups and other state agencies to identify potential solutions that will increase riding opportunities and achieve additional emission reductions.

Red and Green Sticker OHRVs

Follow the link below to our certification database to look up OHRV models certified by ARB, their reported emissions levels (green sticker only) and the DMV registration sticker they are eligible to receive.  Consult the two right columns titled "Green Sticker" and "Red Sticker in the "Executive Orders Listing" table.

Useful Links Regarding Red Sticker OHRVs

The links provided below lead to additional information for owners of red sticker OHRVs as well as those business entities that manufacture them.

Formal Regulatory Documents Workshop Presentations
OHRV and Engine Certifications

Which OHRVs are, or are not, considered emissions compliant?

OHRV Red Sticker Open Riding ScheduleOHRV Registration
OHRV park red sticker open riding schedule

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Red Sticker Program Evaluation Contact

Project lead: Scott Monday (916) 445-9319