Truck and Bus Regulation
Summary of Amendments Approved in April 2014

This page revised May 8, 2014

The Board approved amendments to the Truck and Bus Regulation at its April 24-25, 2014 meeting. The approved amendment are intended to help ensure that the air quality benefits originally envisioned by the regulation will be achieved, by providing some additional compliance flexibility to vehicle owners. The approved amendments are currently not in effect. Some details are being revised to reflect the Board decision and will be made available for public comment before the amendments will be finalized.

Fact sheets

  • Description of Approved Amendments

    • More time for rural areas with cleaner air (area map)

    • Additional time for 2nd and 3rd truck in small fleets

    • Additional time for owners that cannot afford to comply (details are being revised)

    • Adjusted compliance timelines for low-use or vocational trucks

      • Work truck extension (up to 20,000 total miles/year)

      • Low-use vehicle exemption (up to 5,000 total miles/year)

      • Low mileage agricultural vehicles

      • Heavy cranes
  • Recognizing early actions already taken by fleets to comply

    • Extending use of existing PM filter retrofits

    • Extending use of phase-in option credits

You can get more information, including the Staff Report, at the Rulemaking Document page. You can make a comment on the proposed changes if interested. Additional supporting documentation and analyses for the proposed amendments are available at the AB1085 Compliance page.

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