Truck and Bus Regulation
On-Road Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles (In-Use) Regulation

This page last reviewed December 20, 2018

On Road Vehicles


The regulation requires diesel trucks and buses that operate in California to be upgraded to reduce emissions. Newer heavier trucks and buses must meet PM filter requirements beginning January 1, 2012.  Lighter and older heavier trucks must be replaced starting January 1, 2015. By January 1, 2023, nearly all trucks and buses will need to have 2010 model year engines or equivalent.

Due to the court's ruling in the California Trucking Association (CTA)/Lawson Lawsuit, the 2014 amendments to the Truck and Bus regulation were rescinded. Some flexibility options that could be claimed in 2018 will not be available in 2019 or may have different eligibility criteria.

Starting in 2020, only vehicles compliant with the Truck and Bus regulation will be registered by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). It is vital that you accurately report VIN, license plate, and engine information in the Truck Regulations Upload, Compliance and Reporting System (TRUCRS) if using a flexibility option. Failure to report required information accurately could delay California DMV registration.

What's New: 

Reporting for Larger Fleets (December 18, 2018)
  • A compliance assistance tool is available to assist larger fleets with reporting. It provides the owner the option to download a copy of their fleet information from the Truck Regulation Upload Compliance and Reporting System (TRUCRS). The owner may add vehicle(s) and update existing vehicle(s) information in the spreadsheet. Once completed, the owner can send the updated information via email to for upload.
Fleet Calculator (No Longer Updated) (December 18, 2018)
  • The Fleet Calculator was an Excel spreadsheet created to assist fleet owners in evaluating various compliance strategies to comply with the Truck and Bus Regulation. Since the majority of the flexibility options have expired, the Fleet Calculator tool will no longer be updated for the 2019 compliance year and thereafter. For users who retained a copy of the tool on their computer, be aware that as of December 31, 2018, the results from all versions of the calculator will not accurately reflect the fleet's compliance status with the Truck and Bus Regulation.
CTA/Lawson Lawsuit: 2014 Truck & Bus Regulation Amendments Affected (July 25, 2018)
  • In 2014, to void the flexibility options provided in the 2014 amendments to the Truck and Bus regulation, John R. Lawson Rock and Oil of Fresno and the California Trucking Association sued the California Air Resources Board. On January 31, 2018 the court ruled to void the 2014 amendments. Details on the potential impact can be found on the TruckStop page.
Three Day Pass Now Online (July 12, 2017)
  • Vehicle owners are now able to claim a Three Day Pass online. Read the Three Day Pass Online User Guide to see if you are eligible to claim a Three Day Pass for one vehicle per fleet per year.

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