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This page last reviewed January 12, 2019

The following links contain formal history of regulation development and related advisories. Advisories are brief policy documents produced by staff to clarify program policies and regulations. Informal Statewide Truck and Bus Regulation meetings and workshops are posted in the Meeting and Workshop Notices.

Final Regulation Order Amendments made to the Truck and Bus regulation in 2014 became effective on December 31, 2014. However, in 2018, due to the court's ruling in the California Trucking Association/Lawson lawsuit, the 2014 amendments were voided.
Mailouts and Advisories
MSC 15-10Addresses compliance for owners affected by the recall of Boshart Engineering (Boshart) Global DPF system and the Boshart Econix DPF system.
MSC 14-13Provides early access to the economic hardship extension and compliance options for cattle trucks and other agricultural vehicles.
MSC 14-08Explains how truck and bus owners can plan for and take advantage of recently approved amendments and describes the steps owners that previously claimed good faith efforts must now take to comply.  
MSC 13-28 Explains how ARB will recognize specific good faith efforts that owners have made to comply with the January 1, 2014 deadline and how owners can report and take advantage of planned regulatory changes that would increase low-use thresholds, allow owners to opt-in to a number of flexibility provisions, amend the "NOx exempt" vehicle provisions, and grant additional time to comply with the PM filter requirements for vehicles operated in certain areas.
MSC 13-18 Clarifies the responsibilities of vehicle rental entities and financing companies that provide loans or other financing for vehicles or exhaust retrofits that are subject to the Truck and Bus regulation (regulation).
MSC 13-17 Provides a particulate matter (PM) filter compliance extension for certain types of cranes until January 1, 2018.
MSC 13-15 Clarifies requirements for the manufacturer delay extension and how compliance is determined when the fleet owner orders equipment four months prior to the compliance deadline.
MSC 12-20 Addresses compliance for owners affected by the voluntary recall of Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls, Inc. (Cleaire) LongMile diesel particulate matter (PM) filter system.
MSC 12-21 Delays particulate matter (PM) filter requirements for certain types of cranes for one year (calendar year 2013).  
MSC 12-02 Extends the Truck and Bus regulation reporting deadline of January 31, 2012 to March 30, 2012 to give fleet owners more time to submit their fleet information.  Reporting is required for fleet owners to take advantage of flexibility in the regulation.  This change does not extend the compliance requirements that began January 1, 2012.  
MSC 11-29 Addresses compliance, including early action credit eligibility, when a manufacturer of a verified diesel PM filter suspends sales and installations of a PM filter, or requires its removal for a particular engine family.
Advisory 427 Farming Business Definition, and Postponement of Reporting to April 29, 2011
Advisory 424 Enforcement Delay and Reporting Deadline Changes to the Truck and Bus Regulation
Advisory 417 This advisory is no longer applicable and has been removed.
Advisory 416 Disclosure and Record Keeping Requirements
Advisory 415 Schedule for Proposed Amendments and Administrative Changes.
Other Advisories Enforcement Advisory web page.
Regulatory Documents History
Rulemaking Documents
October 28, 2011
The Final Rulemaking Package for the amended regulation was submitted to OAL, and OAL has until December 14, 2011, to make a determination. The package includes the Final Statement of Reasons, in which ARB responds to all comments received on the amendments to the regulation during the public comment periods.
Board Hearing
December 17, 2010
Public hearing to consider the adoption of proposed amendments to the Truck and Bus Regulation (Agenda Item 10-11-3).
Board Update
April 22, 2010
Staff update on the recession's effect on emissions from fleets subject to the Truck and Bus Regulation (Agenda Item 10-4-2).
Board Update
December 9, 2009
Staff update on a number of items including staff's assesment of the effects of the economy on emissions (Agenda Item 09-10-8).
Initial Rule Adoption
December 11, 2008
Formal regulatory documents from the December 12, 2008, Board Hearing. These documents include the hearing notice, staff report and 15-day notices.

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