Off-Road Motorcycles, All-Terrain Vehicles and Electric (Zero-Emission) Golf Carts Executive Orders - 1997

New Executive Orders added December 21, 2018

Listed below are links to the Executive Orders for Off-Road Motorcycles, All-Terrain Vehicles, and Electric (Zero-Emission) Golf Carts for the 1997 model year.  To resort alphabetically or by date, please click on the header "Executive Orders" or "Modified."

File name of Executive Orders for complying (i.e., Green Sticker) Off-Road Motorcycles, All-Terrain Vehicles, and Electric (Zero-Emission) Golf Carts:  
Manufacturer_Vehicle Category 1C_EO Number_All Engine Displacements (in cc)..  Click HERE for an explanation of the information displayed in the file name of Executive Orders.

Executive OrdersModified
clubcar_egc_ug0020001_0.pdfMar 16 2007
ezgo_egc_ug0030001_0.pdfMar 16 2007
fujiheavy_atv_um0020001_425-498.pdfNov 30 2012
honda_atv_um0030001_229.pdfNov 30 2012
kawasaki_atv_um0010001_cap.pdfMar 16 2007
kawasaki_atv_um0010002_290.pdfMar 16 2007
yamaha_egc_ug0010001_0.pdfMar 16 2007

On-Road New Vehicle & Engine Certification Program