Drayage Truck Registration Exemption Information

This page last reviewed March 21, 2017

What is a Truck Exemption?

The Drayage Truck Regulation, which applies to trucks hauling cargos that originated from, or are destined for rail yards and ports in California, allows your truck to be exempt from the regulation if it fits into one of the categories specified in the regulation. These categories are listed below. Trucks that receive a PTO exemption must be attached to a trailer that needs the PTO to load or unload.   Please note that an exemption from the Drayage Truck Regulation is not an exemption from the Air Resources Board's Truck and Bus Rule or any other rule that regulates on-road or off-road trucks. Diesel Questions - Need Help?

Do I Qualify for an Exemption?

In order to qualify for an exemption, your truck must be one of the following:

  • Class 6 or smaller (GVWR equal to or less than 26,000 pounds)
  • Non-diesel fueled (e.g. LNG fueled)
  • Emergency vehicle
  • Military tactical support vehicle
  • Off-road (e.g. yard trucks, mobile cranes)
  • Dedicated-use vehicle. Uni-body vehicles that do not have separate tractor and trailers. Examples include:
    • Fuel delivery vehicles
    • Concrete mixers
    • Logging trucks that haul only logs
    • Vehicles using a power take off (PTO) with a hydraulic motor or blower.  Trucks that receive a PTO exemption must be attached to a trailer that needs the PTO to load or unload.  
    • On-road mobile cranes

View examples of Exempt and Non-Exempt Trucks

How Do I Apply for an Exemption?

  1. Download an Exemption Application (use the button below).
  2. Complete the application, including checking the appropriate box for the type of exemption you are seeking (check one box only).
  3. Sign and date the application.
  4. Submit the application with the additional information required, as specified in the description of each type of exemption. For example, if you request a Class 6 truck exemption, please submit a copy of your current DMV registration with the application.
  5. Mail the application to the address at the bottom of the application or email the application (any photographs will need to be scanned) to Theresa Anderson at Theresa.Anderson@arb.ca.gov. You may also fax the application to 916.445.5023. Do not fax any photographs as they do not read clearly.

If you have questions, please contact Theresa Anderson at Theresa.Anderson@arb.ca.gov or by dialing 916.445.2159

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