Port and Rail Yard Facility List

This page last reviewed March 09, 2016

Below is a list of facilities that are required to comply with the Drayage Truck Regulation. This list may change as new facilities become subject to the regulation.

Trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 26,001 pounds or more transporting cargo originating from or destined to the following facilities, must meet the emission and registration requirements of the regulation.

It is illegal for a compliant drayage truck to exchange cargo with a non-compliant drayage truck outside of port or intermodal rail yard property anywhere in California. Visit the Dray-Off Page for more information.

Port Website Phone Number
Port of Crockett C&H Sugar www.chsugar.com 1-800-773-1803
Port of Hueneme www.portofhueneme.org 1-805-488-3677
Port of Long Beach www.polb.com 1-866-721-5686
Port of Los Angeles www.portoflosangeles.org 1-866-721-5686
Port of Oakland www.portofoakland.com 1-866-332-7026
Port of Redwood City www.redwoodcityport.com 1-650-306-4150
Port of San Diego www.portofsandiego.org 1-800-854-2757
Port of San Francisco www.sfport.com 1-415-274-0400
Port of Stockton www.portofstockton.com 1-800-344-3213
Port of West Sacramento www.cityofwestsacramento.org 1-916-371-8000

Port Website Phone Number
Georgia Pacific, Antioch CA www.gp.com 1-925-757-2870
Georgia Pacific, Long Beach CA www.gp.com 1-562-435-7094
IMTT, Richmond CA www.imtt.com 1-510-412-5708
Kinder Morgan, Los Angeles CA www.kindermorgan.com 1-310-834-2730
Kinder Morgan, Richmond CA www.kindermorgan.com 1-510-412-8810
Koch Carbon, Long Beach CA www.kochcarbon.com info@kochind.com
Koch Carbon, Pittsburg CA www.kochcarbon.com info@kochind.com
Mitsubishi Cement, Long Beach CA www.mitsubishicement.com 1-760-248-7373
Morton Salt, Long Beach CA www.mortonsalt.com 1-562-437-0071
National Gypsum, Long Beach CA www.nationalgypsum.com 1-704-365-7300
Penny Newman, Stockton CA www.penny-newman.com 1-209-466-5446
Schnitzer Steel, Oakland CA www.schnitzersteel.com 1-562-491-6877
Toyota Logistics, Long beach CA www.toyota.com 1-562-437-6767
Valero Refinery, Los Angeles CA www.valero.com 1-562-491-6877

Union Pacific Website Phone Number
City of Industry www.up.com 1-402-544-5000
Los Angeles, Commerce
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Website Phone Number
Oakland OIG www.bnsf.com 1-888-428-2673
Los Angeles, Hobart
San Bernardino

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