Knowledge Center for the In-Use Off-Road Diesel-Fueled Fleets Regulation

This page last reviewed May 10, 2017

In December 2011, major amendments to the Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation, which include delaying the first compliance date to no earlier than January 1, 2014,  became effective. The changes to the regulation are reflected in the fact sheets, advisories, answers to frequently asked questions below, DOORS user guides, and forms.

Fact Sheets

Requirements in Effect Now - Enforcement and Regulatory Advisories
  • Advisory 377: Limits on Idling
  • Advisory 378: Dealer/Seller Disclosure
  • Advisory 381: Enforcement of Requirements to Use On-Road Certified Engines in On-Road Registered Vehicles
  • Advisory 391: Written Idling Policy
  • Advisory 394: Reporting Vehicles
  • Advisory 12-02: Annual Reporting for Large Fleets Due March 1, 2012
  • Advisory 12-08: New Labeling Requirements Effective January 1, 2013
  • Advisory 12-25: On-Road Vehicles with Two Engines Were Required to Report by March 1, 2012 (This is an updated version of the old advisory 12-02 B)
  • Advisory 14-1: Enforcement of the In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation (Revision of Mailout# MSC 13-25)

Free Training Seminars

Course 504: In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation Training

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Requirements and Compliance Questions
Diesel Emission Control Systems (DECS)/Retrofit Devices
On-road Engines and Off-road Vehicles
Water-Well Drilling Rig Guidance
  • Water-Well Drilling: new Description of requirements for both in-state and out-of-state two-engine water-well drilling rigs, including the exemptions for those operating exclusively within the Counties of Fresno, Tulare,  for emergency purposes, such as a drought State of Emergency.
Incentive Programs
  • Incentive Funding: Explanation of how compliance credits are awarded for vehicles/engines/retrofits funded through incentive programs (Moyer, Showcase, SEP and other funds).
DOORS User Guides

The User Guides for DOORS are currently being updated. Once updates on a specific user guide is completed, they will be posted here. Please check back regularly for the user guide you're searching for.

Initial Reporting

DOORS Forms forms
The forms below are to be used to either request updates to information in a fleet's DOORS account that is not available for the fleet owner to update directly, or to submit information to ARB to complete annual reporting requirements.

Annual Reporting Forms
Request for a Change in DOORS Information

(All documents are provided in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) unless otherwise indicated.)