Off-Road Equipment (In-Use) Control Measure

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Off-Road Equipment
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Listed below are some links for information related to diesel particulate matter reduction. Any links to private organizations or other agencies are for informational purposes only and do not reflect endorsement by the California Air Resources Board.

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Carl Moyer Program Alternative Diesel Fuels CAPCOA
Diesel Risk Reduction Plan Cargo Handling Equipment West Coast Diesel Emissions
Reduction Collaborative
    Commercial Harbor Craft

    Commercial Idling Restrictions    
    Diesel Emission Control Strategies
    Diesel Fuel    
    On-Road Heavy-Duty Diesel-Fueled
Public Fleets
    Portable Diesel-Fueled Engines    
    Public Transit Agencies    
    School Bus Idling    
    Solid Waste Collection Vehicles    
    Stationary Diesel-Fueled Engines    
    Transport Refrigeration Units