Survey: Amendments to the Off-road Diesel Regulation

What is the survey?

The survey is a way for the Air Resources Board to gather your perspective and ideas on how to amend the off-road diesel regulation to provide relief to fleets during the recession. This is also an opportunity to simplify confusing parts of the regulation, and make other changes to improve the regulation (i.e. not all ideas have to be related to providing relief only).

How can fleets supply information?

Fleets can either click on the button to the right for the survey, or they can supply information on their fleet use in the DOORS program. To submit this data, please log into DOORS, go to the green bottom portion of the DOORS Reporting home screen, select Survey from the menu, and click Take Action.

For fleets that complete the written survey, it can be faxed, mailed in, or emailed to ARB staff. Specific instructions are included on the survey itself. For fleets that supply information in DOORS, it will be automatically collected by staff.

Is there any other information fleets can provide?

ARB staff would be very interested in any data on load factors for off-road diesel vehicles, specifically from ECU/ECM downloads. For any dealer, fleet, or individual with this information for off-road vehicles, please contact Nicole Dolney at

Click on this link to open the survey: