Fleet Rule for Public Agencies and Utilities - Background

This page last reviewed February 22, 2011

In August 1998, the Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) identified particulate matter (PM) exhaust from diesel-fueled engines as a toxic air contaminant. ARB adopted a Diesel Risk Reduction Plan (Diesel RRP) in September 2000, which recommends a number of control measures to reduce the risks associated with diesel particulate matter (PM) and achieve a goal of 75 percent PM reduction by 2010 and 85 percent by 2020.

To achieve our goals in the plan, we are proposing adopting a series of rules and control measures to reduce public exposure to diesel PM, by implementing the use of diesel emission control devices or strategies. On May 16, 2002, the Board approved the Diesel Emission Control Strategy Verification Procedure, Warranty and In-Use Compliance Requirements for On-Road, Off-Road, and Stationary Diesel-Fueled Vehicles and Equipment. We began our rulemaking efforts with the adoption of the Fleet Rule for Transit Agencies and Emission Standards, which requires transit agencies to decrease emissions from urban transit buses. Transit agencies can repower, retire, replace and retrofit (by adding diesel emission control strategies) to dirty older emitting buses to comply with NOx fleet average requirement and reduce PM. This was followed by the proposed control measure for diesel PM from on-road heavy-duty diesel-fueled residential and commercial Solid Waste Collection Vehicles, which is scheduled to go to our Board in 2003. We have also begun working on the proposed Diesel Particulate Matter Control Measure for On-Road Heavy-Duty Diesel-Fueled Publicly Owned and Operated Fleets, including Non-Urban Transit Buses. Our long range plans will effect all in-use on- and off-road heavy-duty diesel fleets, to protect public health in all communities in California.

The Air Resources Board is dedicated to achieving emission reductions from diesel sources. Visit Diesel Programs and Activities to see other categories of diesel-related sources and for help navigating this large area of our website.

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