2000-2001 Lower-Emission School Bus Program

This page last reviewed May 31, 2011

2000-2001 Guidelines

This page includes the 2000-2001 Lower Emission School Bus Program Guidelines.

Final Approved Guidelines - Issued April 2001
(for Program Implementation in the 2000-2001 and 2001-2002 Fiscal Years)

The ARB received an allocation in the 2000-2001 Budget of $50 million to establish a Lower Emission School Bus Program.  In the 2001-2002 Budget an additional $16 million was received.  The ARB staff, in coordination with the California Energy Commission and the local air pollution control districts, has developed guidelines for this program that provides criteria for the purchase of new school buses and retrofits of existing school buses to reduce particulate matter emissions.  The goal of the program is to replace older buses with safe and clean new buses and clean up in-use buses.
This will reduce school children's exposure to harmful diesel exhaust emissions.

Retrofit Program Contacts:

For the Bay Area AQMD, the Sacramento Metropolitan AQMD, the San Joaquin Valley Unified APCD, and the South Coast AQMD, the air district staff contact is the same as shown above for the replacement program. For contacts in other areas, please visit Retrofit Program Contacts.

Retrofit Devices:

For information on verified retrofit devices, please visitVerified Devices Information.