SWCV Regulatory Documents and Advisories

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Regulatory Documents


Final Regulation Order Along With All Related Reports Regulatory documents for the control measure for diesel particulate matter from on-road heavy-duty residential and commercial solid waste collection vehicles.



Advisory on Boshart Global Particulate Matter (PM) Filter RecallMSC 15-10: Has been posted to address the compliance requirements for owners affected by the recall of Boshart Engineering (Boshart) Global DPF system and the Boshart Econix DPF system.
Delay or suspension of the installation of Particulate Matter (PM) filters MSC 11-29: Has been posted to address compliance when a manufacturer of a verified diesel PM filter suspends sales and installations of a PM filter, or requires its removal for a particular engine family.
The December 31, 2010, Compliance Deadline For All Solid Waste Collection Vehicles MSC 10-51: This advisory is to notify owners and operators of vehicles subject to the SWCV Rule that the final compliance deadline for the application of 100 percent best available technology is December 31, 2010. The compliance deadline applies to all SWCV including Groups 1, 2a, 2b and 3. The owner is required to keep the vehicles in compliance with this regulation, as long as the vehicles are operated in California.
Failure Of Component(s) Of A Verified Diesel Emission Control Strategy Past The Warranty Period, Effects On The Replacement, And Reassigning Best Available Control Technology MSC 10-41: This advisory defines a failure of a VDECS that no longer meets the criteria for BACT for particulate matter (PM), and to clarify the actions to repair the DECS (when the DECS is no longer under warranty) in order to meet BACT.
Compliance extension for all dual-fuel or bi-fuel and other group 3 engines with no VDECS MSC 10-35: ARB is granting a one-year blanket compliance extension for Group 3 vehicles subject to the Fleet Rule for Solid Waste Collection Vehicles and the Fleet Rule for Public Agencies and Utilities. This compliance extension is limited to Group 3 vehicles where a VDECS is not available. The extension expires December 31, 2011, and applies to dual-fuel or bi-fuel engines and an engine with a displacement of over 15 liters and equipped with exhaust recirculation.
DECS component swapping and re-designation requirements Advisory 420: The purpose of this advisory is to alert owners, installers, distributors, and manufacturers of VDECS to the specific requirements that must be met when swapping components from one DECS to another or moving an entire DECS from one vehicle to another (re-designation).

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