Technology and Fuels Assessments

This page last reviewed April 25, 2016


Staff from ARB, along with South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) staff, are developing technology and fuels assessments for a variety of source categories, including:
  • trucks and buses
  • transport refrigeration units
  • locomotives
  • fuels – both conventional and alternative fuels
  • ocean-going vessels
  • commercial harbor craft (SCAQMD lead)
  • cargo handling equipment, and
  • aviation – including aircraft and ground support equipment

The technology assessments evaluate the current state and projected development of mobile source technologies and fuels. For each technology, the assessment will include a description of the technology, its suitability in different applications, current and anticipated costs at widespread deployment (where available), and emissions levels.

These technology and fuels assessments support ARB planning and regulatory efforts, including:
  • California’s integrated freight planning,
  • State Implementation Plan (SIP) development,
  • Funding Plans
  • Governor’s ZEV Action Plan
  • Governor’s Petroleum reduction goals


Dec. 18, 2014 Board Hearing Materials

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Related ARB Activities

ARB staff are developing a Sustainable Freight Strategy (Strategy). The Strategy will identify and prioritize actions that move California towards a sustainable zero or near zero emission freight transport system. The Strategy will include recommendations for near-term actions that come out of stakeholder input and technology assessments.

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