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Difference between Low Use Exemption and Low-Mileage Work Truck Option

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► Tell me more about Low Use Exemption. ▼ Tell me more about Low Use Exemption.
    The Low Use Exemption allows a vehicle to be driven less than 5,000 total miles per year or if you drive in and out of California and can't stay under 5,000 total miles then you can opt for less than 1,000 miles in California per year. Just keep track of miles in California and stay under 1,000 miles for the year. As long as you stay under your mileage limitations and report your odometer readings every year that vehicle does not have to meet the emissions requirements of the Truck and Bus Regulation. For more information see the Low Use Exemption Factsheet.

► Tell me more about Low-Mileage Work Truck Option. ▼ Tell me more about Low-Mileage Work Truck Option.
    The Low-Mileage Work Truck Option allows you to drive your work truck for less than 20,000 miles per year. You must install PM filters based on percentage requirements per year.

    The trucks must also meet one of the following definitions:
    • Is owned by a company that has a valid California Contractors License and is not-for hire
    • Is a tractor trailercombination that exclusively pulls a dump or low-boy trailer
    • Is a truck with an attached body except if it tows a trailer and hauls goods
    • Is a lighter truck regardless of body type or use
    See the Low-Mileage Work Truck Option Factsheet to learn more.

► How to report for Low Use Exemption or Low-Mileage Work Truck Option? ▼ How to report for Low Use Exemption or Low-Mileage Work Truck Option?
    Log into your TRUCRS account at:

    Click on the “View or Update” link next to the fleet you want to edit vehicles to.

    Select "Vehicle List" and "Edit" next to the vehicle that needs the 2016 extension.

    Under the Engine Information section, in the “Select PM Filter Type or Extension for Vehicle” drop down menu you will be able to select the specific flexibility option for the vehicle.

    Now you can select 2016 Low Use Exemption or 2016 Low-Mileage Work Truck from the list of flexibility options.

    Next you will need to enter your vehicle's odometer reading and read date (pay close attention of the date format: year, dash, month, dash and day, i.e., 2016-01-13). If you don't have a hubodometer then leave the "Hub Serial Number" blank. Then click on the "Submit" button.

    To print your certificate, click on "Compliance Status" and "Click to Confirm."

    Finally click on "Print Certificate."

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