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Heavy-Duty Truck Preventative Maintenance Handbook Now Available -
December 13, 2016

The California Council on Diesel Education and Technology (CCDET), a non-profit cooperative group of California Community Colleges, the diesel industry and government agencies, supporting training and educational programs for diesel mechanics, has recently published: Preventative Maintenance for Heavy Duty Trucks. The free handbook, available in both hardcopy and online, was developed to help truck owners save fuel costs, reduce downtime and maximize truck performance, engine life and overall operational efficiency.

Preventative maintenance tasks have varying levels of difficulty. The easier tasks can be performed by the driver or owner/operator, while the more difficult tasks must be performed by a technician and/or the dealer who has had specialized training and has the proper equipment. If your engine is equipped with a retrofitted diesel particulate matter filtration unit, always follow the maintenance recommendations provided by the manufacturer. Over the long haul, a pound of preventive maintenance can save a ton of costly repairs down the road.

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