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Changes to Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection Program and Periodic Smoke Inspection Program - February 24, 2017

The existing 40% visible emission opacity limit imposed on the exhaust pipes of heavy-duty diesel trucks is no longer relevant to today’s best available in-use soot control and engine technology because a properly maintained truck engine, with a properly maintained filter, should never emit anything close to 40% opacity. If a truck is putting out that much smoke, it indicates serious engine or filter problems.

On Tuesday, February 28, 2017, at the South Coast Air Quality Management District in Diamond Bar, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) will be conducting a public workshop to talk about potential changes to the Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection Program (HDVIP) and the Periodic Smoke Inspection “Fleet” Program (PSIP). In particular, CARB staff will be seeking input regarding proposed measures to update these programs along with development of a Comprehensive Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicle Inspection Program.

Proposed HDVIP and PSIP regulation changes include reducing the current 40 percent exhaust stack opacity limit, certification requirements for fleet opacity testers, and establishing smoke test record reporting requirements. All of the issues that will be addressed at the workshop are part of a greater package of changes that is badly needed to make compliance requirements consistent with today’s in-use technology and ensure uniformity and relevance in maintenance practices. The workshop will be webcast.

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Heavy-Duty Truck Preventative Maintenance Handbook Now Available -
January 20, 2017

The California Council on Diesel Education and Technology (CCDET), a non-profit cooperative group of California Community Colleges, the diesel industry and government agencies, supporting training and educational programs for diesel mechanics, has recently published: Preventative Maintenance for Heavy Duty Trucks. The free handbook, available in both hardcopy and online, was developed to help truck owners save fuel costs, reduce downtime and maximize truck performance, engine life and overall operational efficiency.

Preventative maintenance tasks have varying levels of difficulty. The easier tasks can be performed by the driver or owner/operator, while the more difficult tasks must be performed by a technician and/or the dealer who has had specialized training and has the proper equipment. If your engine is equipped with a retrofitted diesel particulate matter filtration unit, always follow the maintenance recommendations provided by the manufacturer. Over the long haul, a pound of preventive maintenance can save a ton of costly repairs down the road.

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FREE MONEY! Carl Moyer Voucher Incentive Program (VIP) Funding Still Available -
October 25, 2016

Yes, you read that right…although it’s more like a retail coupon (the ‘voucher’ part in the name) for thousands of dollars off the cost of a diesel retrofit soot filter or a cleaner model year of replacement rig.

It is okay to couple the voucher with loan assistance and the participating dealership you choose to submit your application to will help you review and sift through the eligibility criteria. Since the VIP is intended for forward-thinkers who wish to stay at least a step ahead (the ‘incentive’ part in the name) of minimum legal requirements, it is ideal for owners of small fleets who already reported and need a filter on a third truck by the January 1, 2018 deadline.

VIP funding has long been a staple in the stable of financial assistance opportunities offered by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and others. Not only is there still VIP money available through 2016, but we at CARB want to see it all given away to people who need and deserve it: hard-working, hard-driving people like you, vital links in California’s freight-dependent commerce chain. For more information visit the voucher incentive webpage or check directly with:

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