Information for owners of VW diesel vehicles

This page last updated March 19, 2017

NEW: Recall notice errors for limited numbers of VW and Audi 2.0 &3.0 TDI vehicles

Information on how to register your vehicle if you received a notice that recall 23Q3, 23T4, 23U3, 23U4, 23U7, 23V4, 23V5, 23V6, or 23V7 is required. This notice is in error.

Official information from VW for owners of diesel vehicles

Information for VW owners:

Approved VW 2.0L Generation 1 modification information

Approved VW 2.0L Generation 2 modification information

VW 2.0L Generation 3 modification information

Links for VW/Audi/Porsche 3.0L diesel consent decree

Links for the 2.0 L VW diesel vehicle consent decree: