Presentations for 2006 ZEV Technology Symposium

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The 2006 ZEV Technology Symposium presentations posted on this web site represent the views of the presenter. The presentations do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Air Resources Board, nor does the mention of trade names, technologies, or commercial products constitute their endorsement or recommendation for use.
1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Session I: Introduction    
Dr. Robert Sawyer, Chair Air Resources Board Opening Remarks
Michael P. Walsh Expert Panel Chair Expert Panel Update
Richard Vincent Air Resources Board Innovative Clean Air Technologies (ICAT) Briefing
Session II: Hydrogen Technology Chair: Gerhard Achtelik
Andy Abele Quantum Quantum Hydrogen Storage Products
Bruce Falls Ovonics ECD - Ovonic's Hydrogen Economy Enabling Technologies - Storage, Infrastructure, and Vehicles
Tobias Brunner BMW Liquid Hydrogen Vehicle Storage
Chris Guzy Ballard Power Systems Fuel Cells for Transportation Applications
Margaret Steinbugler UTC Fuel Cells PEM Fuel Cell Technology Readiness for Light Duty Vehicles
Keith Wipke NREL Fuel Cell Vehicle/Infrastructure Results from Learning Demo
Kevin Harris Hydrogenics PEM Fuel Cell Power Modules, Systems, and Applications
Joan Ogden UC Davis Strategies for Building a Hydrogen Infrastructure
8:30 a.m. - 5:45 p.m.
Session II: Hydrogen Technology (continued) Chair: Craig Duehring
Andy Abele Quantum Quantum Hydrogen Prius
Chris White Sandia Technical Review of Hydrogen-fueled Internal Combustion Engines
Edgar Berger BMW BMW H2 NZEV Development
Session III: Car Company Updates Chair: Analisa Bevan
Fred Maloney Daimler Chrysler Daimler Chrysler Activities
Ben Knight Honda Honda Activities
Julie Beamer General Motors GM Activities
Dave Hermance Toyota Toyota Activities
Session IV: Battery Technology Chair: Craig Childers
Larry Oswald GEM The Impact of Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Use on Improving Air Quality in California
David Hirsch Miles Automotive Group Miles Automotive Activities
Tom Gage AC Propulsion Recent Electric Vehicle Developments
Alec Brooks AeroVironment AeroVironment Activities
Ian Wright WrightSpeed WrightSpeed Activities
Martin Eberhard Tesla Motors Tesla Motors Activities
Stuart Evans Delta-Q Charger Products
Sven Thesen PG & E Residential Customer Off-Peak Electrical TOU Options & BEV/PHEV Impacts
Jasna Tomic WestStart-CALSTART ZEVs in V2G Applications
Willit Kempton University of Delaware Modeling V2G for a Utility with a High Wind Generation Portfolio
Eugene Nishinaga BART Use of ZEV with V2G to Support BART Electrical Demand
8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Session V: Battery Technology (continued) Chair: Mark Duvall
Mark Duvall EPRI Welcome and Introduction to Plug-in Hybrids
Tony Markel NREL PHEV Performance and Efficiency
Danilo Santini Argonne National Laboratory Energy and Petroleum Consumption Attributes of PHEVs
Mark Duvall EPRI PHEV System Technology Update
Matt Miyasato SCAQMD Plug-In Hybrid Sprinter Program
Max Kapadia ASG renaissance PHEV Vehicle and Lifecycle Costs
Charlie Clark Charles Clark Group Environmental Benefits of PHEVs
Mark Duvall EPRI Conclusions and Wrap-Up
Session VI: Energy Storage Batteries Chair: Andrew Burke
Andrew Burke U.C. Davis, ITS Welcome and Introduction
Tien Duong U.S. Dept. of Energy Review of the DOE/US ABC Battery Program as it Relates to EVs and PHEVs
Michael Andrew Johnson Controls Status and Prospects for Conventional Lithium-ion Batteries for EVs and PHEVs
Mark Duvall EPRI Battery Considerations and Test Results for Lithium-ion Batteries in the Sprinter PHEV
Andrew Chu A123 Battery Co. Design Considerations and the Status and Future Plans for Lithium-ion Batteries Using Iron Phosphate in the Cathode (for a copy of this presentation, please contact Andrew Chu at
Evan House Altairnano Status of lithium-ion batteries using lithium titanate in the anode (safety, fast charging, and long cycle life)
Session VII: BEV/PHEV Demonstrations & Miscellaneous Chair: Tony Andreoni
Paul Scott/Chelsea Sexton Plug In America Historical Summary and Current Status Report
Tim Hastrup   Plugging In: One Family's Experience
Ron Freund Electric Auto Association EV Usage Survey / Energy Use Data;
Greg Hanssen E drive Plug In Hybrid Technology
Peter Nortman EnergyCS Plug In Hybrid Technology
Dwight MacCurdy SMUD PHEV Test Program by SMUD
Stefan Unnasch Tiax Assessment of Full Fuel Cycle Emissions
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