Table of Area Designations for State Ozone Standards

This page last reviewed November 20, 2008

Area Designation

Lake Tahoe Air Basin Attainment
Lake County Air Basin Attainment
Mojave Air Basin Nonattainment
North Central Coast Air Basin Nonattainment
Northeast Plateau Air Basin Attainment
Salton Sea Air Basin Nonattainment
San Diego Air Basin Nonattainment
San Francisco Bay Area Air Basin Nonattainment
San Joaquin Valley Air Basin Nonattainment
South Central Coast Air Basin Nonattainment
South Coast Air Basin Nonattainment
Great Valleys Air Basin
Alpine County Unclassified
Inyo County Unclassified
Mono County Nonattainment
Mountain Counties Air Basin
Amador, Calaveras, El Dorado, Nevada, Placer,
Mariposa, and Tuolomne Counties
Plumas and Sierra Counties Unclassified
North Coast Air Basin
Northern Sonoma County Nonattainment-Transitional
Remainder of Basin Attainment
Sacramento Valley Air Basin
Butte County Nonattainment
Colusa County Nonattainment-Transitional
Glenn County Nonattainment-Transitional
Remainder of Basin Nonattainment

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For additional general information, call 1-800-END-SMOG or contact Judy Yee, ZIP Program Manager, at (916) 327-5610 or toll free at (866) 808-0189.

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