Fleet ZIP

This page last reviewed March 26, 2010

This program took place in 2004 and is now expired. In order to increase the number of electric vehicles (EV) in California's fleets and to ensure that diverse communities throughout California, including low-income and communities of color, benefit from California's air quality programs, grants of up to $11,000 per vehicle were available to fleets that purchase or lease qualifying new electric passenger cars or light-duty trucks.

Proposal Process

The grants will be awarded using a competitive process. Solicitations for project proposals were held in Winter 2003. For more detailed information about the proposal process, please see the program guidelines below. Public information workshops were held last summer to provide information about the program. Please remember to contact your local Program Partner, if available, or the ARB program manager as you complete the Fleet ZIP proposal.

Solicitation- 2003/2004 applications are due by February 3, 2004

Important Information


Additional Information

Please contact Lisa Chiladakis, at (916) 327-2932 or toll free at (866) 808-0189.

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