List of Eligible Vehicle Models

This page last reviewed November 20, 2008

Make and Model

Maximum Grant Per Vehicle


Phoenix Motorcars Phoenix 1


Contact Phoenix Motorcars

Ford Ranger EV



Nissan Altra



Toyota RAV 4 EV



These models are in the Full-Function ZEV vehicle category. No models in the City ZEV (also known as urban vehicles), Neighborhood ZEV (also known as low speed vehicles, or Zero Emission Motorcycle (ZEM) vehicle categories are eligible at this time.

The applicant may propose a lesser amount. The grant will be prorated if the vehicle will be leased for a period of less than 36 months.

Contact ARB for More Information

For additional general information, call 1-800-END-SMOG or contact Lisa Kasper, Fleet ZIP Program Manager, at (916) 327-2932 or toll free at (866) 808-0189.

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