Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure Assessments

This page last reviewed November 27, 2017

In accordance with Assembly Bill 8, ARB annually performs and reports on an evaluation of the deployment of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles and hydrogen fuel stations in the state of California. ARB reports on this analysis every year in June, providing recommendations for the California Energy Commission’s use in developing grant programs for installation, upgrade, and operation of hydrogen fueling stations. ARB recommendations address funding levels (up to $20 million annually), identification of areas with greatest need for fueling infrastructure development, daily fueling capacities of stations, and technical capabilities of stations, including design features and standards requirements. In order to identify the areas of greatest need for fueling infrastructure development, ARB developed the California Hydrogen Infrastructure Tool (CHIT). CHIT is a Geographical Information System-based tool developed in the ArcGIS environment to assess the spatial distribution of the gap between the coverage provided by existing and funded stations and the potential first adopter market for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles. This page provides resources beyond the information available in ARB’s annual published evaluations for understanding and exploring the analysis completed by ARB through CHIT.

November 2017 Webinar of CHIT 2017 Release Updates

Public Notice of Webinar to Discuss CHIT Release Updates

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Map Viewer for June 2017 AB 8 Hydrogen Infrastructure Assessment

CARB is making available an updated web application that allows users to view a map containing the locations of existing/funded stations included in analysis, assessments of need for coverage and capacity, and identification of Priority Areas as described in the 2017 Annual Evaluation of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Deployment and Hydrogen Fuel Station Network Development. View the interactive map of the results produced by CHIT. Please note that use of the app may require the latest version of your internet browser. Click here for a list of supported browsers.

Click here to access the map viewer for the 2015 Analysis and GFO 15-605

Full CHIT 2017 Release Download Package

CARB is making available a download package that contains the CHIT 2017 Release analysis tool for use within ArcGIS 10.2 or later versions. The package contains the ArcGIS CHIT 2017 toolbox, associated files required to run the tools, an instruction manual, input data used for the 2017 June analysis, sample output from the same analysis, and a copy of the June 2017 Annual Evaluation of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Deployment and Hydrogen Fuel Station Network Development. With this download package and appropriate access to ArcGIS and certain extensions, users will be able to recreate the analyses performed by CARB in support of its June 2017 Annual Evaluation and be able to perform their own exploratory analyses using alternative input data sets, making changes to analysis settings, and/or modifying the analysis algorithms. The CHIT 2017 Release contains several updates that: 1) improve the user experience and simplify re-creation of CARB's analysis, 2) incorporate consideration of simulated traffic flow data, 3) incorporate auto manufacturer projections of vehicle placement, 4) incorporate registered FCEV data, 5) estimate local need for additional hydrogen fueling capacity, 6) re-tuning and updates of input data, parameters, and calculation methods, and other improvements over the 2015 Release. Please note the full download package is 3 GB in size and will require 5.3 GB of space when unpackaged on your computer system. Click here to download.

Click here to access the 2015 Release of CHIT

March 2017 CHIT Traffic Data Webinar

On March 3, 2017 ARB hosted a webinar to review and receive public feedback on a new simulated traffic data set proposed for use in its California Hydrogen Infrastructure Tool (CHIT).

Public Notice of Webinar to Discuss Simulate Traffic Data for Implementation in CHIT

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October 2015 Webinar on Formation of CHIT

On October 9, 2015 ARB held an in-depth discussion of the underlying motivations, data, and methodologies used to develop the California Hydrogen Infrastructure Tool (CHIT).

Public Notice of Webinar to Discuss Technical Formulation of CHIT

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Introductory (Primer) Session to CHIT Technical Webinar
This session provided an overview of fundamental concepts related to geospacial analysis, geographic information systems, ArcGIS, and data resources utilized in CHIT.

Primer Session Presentation

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CHIT Technical Formation Webinar
Provided an in-depth description of the motivations, methods, and analyses utilized in the formulation of CHIT.

Technical Session Presentation

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