Qualitative Evaluation of Public PEV Infrastructure

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California is currently experiencing significant growth in the numbers of battery electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV), collectively referred to as plug-in electric vehicles or PEVs.  However, PEVs will need to gain greater acceptance if the State is to achieve the target of reaching 1.5 million ZEVs on California’s roadways by 2025, as established in Governor Brown’s Executive Order B-16-2012. Robust public and workplace charging infrastructure that meets the needs of average drivers can enable the broad acceptance of PEVs beyond the “early adopters”.

The vast majority of today’s PEV owners can refuel their cars at home, making their purchase and repurchase decisions easy.  However, for BEV owners who want to travel beyond their home base, or potential buyers that have longer commutes or do not have access to home charging, access to workplace and public charging is a must.  Here you will find information on ARB’s on-going PEV infrastructure evaluation work, which explores specific charging infrastructure venues, location types, and operational parameters that result in benefits to everyone in the value chain. It also looks at how public and work place charging stations can be designed to increase PEV adoption, electric vehicle miles traveled (eVMT), and use of clean transportation fuels.




July 15, 2014
ARB staff held a second information gathering meeting with stakeholders to follow up on items from the May 27, 2014 meeting and gain a better understanding of factors affecting the costs and benefits of operating charging infrastructure.  Innovative charging infrastructure in public parking facilities and examples of fast charging in popular settings and along highway corridors were also discussed. 


Meeting Agenda

Introductions, Updates, and Follow-up Activities


AM Session: Multi-Functional Parking Lots


PM session: Direct Current Fast Chargers (DCFC) to Address “Hotspots” and Corridors


May 27, 2014
ARB staff held an information gathering meeting with key stakeholders in the PEV community to gain a better understanding of factors that affect where and when PEV drivers choose to charge their vehicles when away from home. Charger usage in terms of locations, settings, charge level, fee structures and convenience were explored to gain a better idea of how away-from-home charging affects PEV purchase and usage decisions.


Meeting Agenda

Introduction and Background


AM Session: Away-From-Home Charging – Customer Preference and Charger Usage


PM Session: Customer Response to Different Payment Systems, Charger Access and Convenience


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