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This page last reviewed January 18, 2017

California’s zero emission vehicle (ZEV) regulation is a credit-based percentage requirement intended to balance vehicle sales with the type of vehicle technology being produced.  The regulation itself does not specify a vehicle sales volume target.  Staff developed a ZEV Calculator to help answer the question of how many vehicles could result from the regulation, and help show the potential effect various flexibilities and developing technology has on the overall number of vehicles.

During the ZEV midterm review (MTR) process, staff has been in contact with all of the manufacturers subject to this regulation to assess the status of technology through their product plans. Information collected during this process was then used to develop minimum compliance scenarios, which emphasize the main function of the ZEV regulation: to set a floor to ensure pure ZEV technology is being produced to help the technology reach commercialization. 

The question that these scenarios answer is how much could be expected (at a minimum) from the ZEV regulation in any given model year.  Minimum compliance scenarios are typically used by ARB to determine the cost for manufacturers to meet regulatory requirements and are combined with projected emission benefits to determine the cost-effectiveness of the requirements.  These scenarios are not a market forecast of what actual total sales may be or will likely be in any given model year, but rather are regulatory compliance projections using the best available information at the time of this review.  




  • 2016 ZEV Tutorial
    Provides a detailed walk-through of California’s ZEV Regulation requirements for 2018 and subsequent model year vehicles.



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