List of News Releases for the year 2010

Release Date Title
12-30-2010 Over $1 million in settlement funds go to community colleges, clean air fund
12-17-2010 Changes to diesel rules protect public health, provide relief and flexibility to California businesses
12-16-2010 California Air Resources Board gives green light to California’s emissions trading program
12-06-2010 CoolCalifornia Small Business Awards nominations now being accepted
11-22-2010 ARB Chairman applauds decision to clean air pollution, reduce health risks at Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach
11-18-2010 California to get cleaner consumer products
11-09-2010 Carbon Monoxide: A Winter’s Health Threat (Watch Video)
10-28-2010 Proposed California greenhouse gas emissions trading program now available
10-21-2010 Board action saves diesel fleets money, time
10-19-2010 Statewide high school competition takes on climate change
10-18-2010 Smog Check restructuring promises lower costs, faster tests and cleaner air
10-07-2010 ARB, Contractors agree on proposed changes to rule requiring clean up of construction equipment
10-01-2010 California Air Resources Board applauds federal government for commitment to cleaner cars through 2025
09-27-2010 Air Resources Board Incentive Program puts 650 clean hybrid trucks on California roads
09-23-2010 California commits to more clean, green energy
09-23-2010 California takes the first step toward more livable, sustainable communities
09-21-2010 New vision unveiled for California’s Clean Energy Future
08-31-2010 Fine particle air pollution responsible for 9,000 premature deaths in California each year
08-17-2010 ARB announces $2 million for clean engine projects
08-09-2010 Report signals historic shift from sprawl to more livable, sustainable communities
07-21-2010 Warming climate means harsher smog season for California
07-21-2010 ARB settles air quality violations with Pennsylvania company for $2 million
07-20-2010 Over $100,000 in settlement funds go to community colleges, clean-air fund
06-24-2010 ARB announces $200 million to clean the state's busiest trade corridors
06-24-2010 ARB acts to further reduce emissions at high-risk railyards
06-23-2010 CA Households Could Save $6,400 per Year from Better Community Planning
06-16-2010 ARB settles with Pep Boys for $170,000 for emissions violations
06-16-2010 Over $40,000 in settlement funds go to community colleges, clean-air fund
05-28-2010 ARB and NOAA in $20 million research project on California’s air pollution
05-24-2010 ARB Chair Praises Obama Administration for Program to Advance Next Generation of Clean Vehicles
05-19-2010 $28 million funding assistance program is expanded to help more independent truckers
05-19-2010 ARB settles air quality violations with Massachusetts company for $55,500
05-19-2010 Over $86,000 in settlement funds go to community colleges, clean-air fund
04-22-2010 ARB considers options for additional flexibility in diesel control regulations
04-01-2010 CARB Chairman Applauds White House for National Clean Cars Rule
03-30-2010 West Sacramento company settles with ARB for $32,550 for diesel emissions violations
03-25-2010 Statement from ARB Executive Officer James N. Goldstene on Cool Cars Regulation
03-24-2010 AB 32 Will Lead To Job Growth, Energy Savings, and Rises In Personal Income
03-24-2010 Call with economist members of committee that reviewed CARB's AB 32 Economic Analysis
03-23-2010 Supervisor Ridley-Thomas launches energy-makeover week in Lennox area
03-23-2010 ARB to roll out economic analysis
03-22-2010 CARB Chairman issues statement on flawed industry study of AB32
03-18-2010 Mary D. Nichols letter to Sen Dutton dated 3-17-10
03-17-2010 Air Resources Board unveils $3.7 million in rebates for clean vehicles
03-17-2010 Modesto company pays $23,000 for emissions violations
03-04-2010 $15,000 settles emissions violations
03-01-2010 ARB workshop signals start of process to envision car of the future
02-25-2010 Clean-air heroes recognized
02-25-2010 California completes its commitment to a national greenhouse gas standard for cars
02-25-2010 ARB approves measure to limit most powerful greenhouse gas
02-24-2010 Napa Company fined $14,400 for emissions violations
02-24-2010 Long Beach company fined $31,500 for emissions violations
02-23-2010 Smog Check program legislation aims for clean air benefits, lower costs, conveniences
02-22-2010 ARB, BAR to discuss proposed Smog Check upgrades tomorrow
02-17-2010 Petaluma company fined $20,000 for emissions violations
02-11-2010 ARB gives relief to off-road construction equipment owners
02-11-2010 Chemical Transfer Company fined $6,500 for emissions violations
02-10-2010 Unilever parent company pays $1.3 million for air quality violations
02-10-2010 Rapid Harvest Company fined $16,500 for emissions violations
02-03-2010 ARB applauds EPA’s renewable fuels announcement
02-03-2010 ARB Air Resources Board launches $20 million in funding assistance for heavy-duty hybrid trucks and buses
02-02-2010 ARB Chairman Mary Nichols issues comment on lawsuit challenging California’s LCFS
01-20-2010 ARB restates commitment to establishing a national vehicle greenhouse gas standard
01-14-2010 ARB clarifies requirement of tire inflation rule
01-13-2010 Newman company fined $37,000 for emissions violations
01-13-2010 San Bernardino County waste hauler fined $307,200 for emissions violations
01-13-2010 New rule for long haul- truckers expected to lower costs, better fuel efficiency
01-13-2010 ARB lauds national air pollution study on vehicle pollution
01-12-2010 Panel Recommends Auctioning, “Household Friendly” Approach to Carbon Regulation
01-04-2010 New Year brings improved small containers for do-it-yourself automobile refrigerant

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