List of News Releases for the year 2012

Release Date Title
12-28-2012 O’Reilly Automotive and Technical Chemical Company fined $63,000 in combined case
12-27-2012 U.S. E.P.A. approves Clean Air Act waiver for California’s new clean car rules
12-27-2012 $35,000 in fines paid by San Joaquin Regional Transit District
12-26-2012 Air Resources Board approves first of new generation of clean cars
12-18-2012 Alberto Ayala chosen as ARB Deputy Executive Officer
12-14-2012 Air Resources Board sets stage for carbon offset projects
12-10-2012 Champion Brands pays $50,755 penalty for consumer product air quality violations
12-06-2012 Honorees set the bar for healthier air
12-04-2012 Deadline looms for California trucks and buses
12-03-2012 MEDIA ADVISORY: ARB to crack down on Imperial Co. trucks
11-19-2012 Statement by Air Resources Board Chairman Mary D. Nichols on California’s first cap-and-trade auction
11-19-2012 Air Resources releases first cap-and-trade auction results
11-19-2012 MEDIA ADVISORY: ARB Chairman Mary D. Nichols to address cap-and-trade auction results
11-15-2012 Air Resources Board completes its commitment to a national greenhouse gas standard for cars, 2017-2025
11-02-2012 Birchwood Laboratories pays $500,000 settlement for violating air quality rules
10-25-2012 ARB-funded study points way to improve indoor air quality in child care facilities
10-18-2012 Quick and easy smog checks coming to California
10-16-2012 MEDIA ADVISORY: Air Resources Board ‘strike force’ to crack down on polluting trucks at LA Port
10-12-2012 ARB "Gear Up for Clean Truck Month" a success
09-28-2012 State rebate program puts 10,000 zero-emission cars on the road
09-14-2012 Air Resources Board posts notice for California’s first cap-and-trade auction
09-11-2012 Ryder Pays $1,000,000 Settlement
08-31-2012 MEDIA ADVISORY: National Expert to talk on link between sustainable low-carbon transportation and national security
08-30-2012 ARB proposes regulations to accept Federal GHG vehicle standards
08-28-2012 ARB Chairman applauds announcement of federal greenhouse gas and fuel economy standards (2017-2025)
08-27-2012 MEDIA ADVISORY: Clean Truck Enforcement Month comes to the Port of Oakland
08-27-2012 ARB and State Treasurer Lockyer Announce $100 million milestone
08-23-2012 ARB showcases air quality emergency response team for fires, industrial accidents
08-21-2012 MEDIA ADVISORY: Clean Truck Enforcement Month comes to Otay Mesa!
08-07-2012 MEDIA ADVISORY: Clean Truck Enforcement Month comes to Fresno!
08-07-2012 Air Resources Board adds Google Earth maps to show major sources of greenhouse gases
08-06-2012 ARB to unveil Google Earth application to display largest greenhouse gas emitters in state
08-03-2012 La Junta de Recursos del Aire Inicia la Campaña “Mes de el Programa de Camiones Limpios” en Agosto
08-02-2012 Air Resources Board launches “Gear Up for Clean Truck Month” in August
07-10-2012 MEDIA ADVISORY: ARB Chair's Lecture Series
07-09-2012 Air Resources Board announces registration for cap-and-trade tracking system
07-06-2012 Lawson Products settles air quality violations with $126,000
07-05-2012 Caterpillar, Inc. pays $510,000 for shipping, selling uncertified equipment in California
07-02-2012 Deadline extension: Owners of big-rig tractor-trailers now have until Sept. 1 to take advantage of California rule’s flexible options
06-28-2012 Air Resources Board amends cap and trade program, enhances market security
06-28-2012 ARB renews funding for clean vehicles
06-13-2012 Small businesses lead the way with economically wise and climate-smart strategies
06-12-2012 MEDIA ADVISORY: 3rd Annual Small Business Awards
06-01-2012 California small businesses recognized for climate-smart strategies
05-24-2012 Clean Air Champions
05-24-2012 Scientists present findings on black carbon and climate change
05-22-2012 MEDIA ADVISORY: Leading scientists to present findings on black carbon and climate change to California Air Resources Board
05-15-2012 Imperial Irrigation District fined for diesel truck fleet violations
05-09-2012 Air Resources Board Announces Release of Draft Regulations for Cap-and-Trade Linkage with Québec
05-09-2012 Tractor-trailer owners throughout North America urged to register early to take advantage of California rule’s flexible options
04-25-2012 Shipping companies fined $111,000 for air quality violations
04-23-2012 U.S. Court of Appeals Allows Enforcement of California Low Carbon Fuel Standard
04-18-2012 State Senate Rules Committee Confirms Hector De La Torre as New Member of Air Resources Board
03-27-2012 Statewide high school competition takes on climate change
03-19-2012 Air Resources Board urges truckers to avoid last-minute rush, report vehicles now to meet new March 30 deadline
03-16-2012 Five Million in Loans for Clean Tug-boats, Ferries, Fishing Boats and Excursion Boats in California
03-13-2012 Mike’s Foreign Auto Parts fined $50,000 for air violations
03-09-2012 Donaldson pays $103,000 for selling illegal diesel particulate filters
03-06-2012 ARB Offers New Financing Option for Leasing Trucks
03-05-2012 Businesses fined for air quality violations
02-23-2012 Air Resources Board and USEPA Join Forces for Precision Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
01-27-2012 California Air Resources Board Approves Advanced Clean Car Rules
01-12-2012 WCI unveils steps to develop North American greenhouse gas emissions trading program
01-11-2012 U.S. Auto Parts pays $233,000 for air quality infractions
01-09-2012 Businesses fined over $383,000 for air quality violations
01-03-2012 Sustainable Small Business Award applications now being accepted

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