List of News Releases for the year 2013

Release Date Title
12-17-2013 Se aproxima fecha límite para registrar instalaciones de refrigeración
12-17-2013 Deadline to register refrigeration systems approaches
12-11-2013 Husqvarna Professional Products fined $1,038,000 for sales of uncertified engines in California
12-09-2013 State’s free carbon footprint calculator ready for download in Google Play and iTunes
12-06-2013 Air Resources Board Chairman Mary D. Nichols congratulates Quebec on first carbon allowance auction
11-22-2013 Air Resources releases November cap-and-trade auction results
11-19-2013 California Air Resources Board rolls out its free, real-time air pollution mobile website statewide
11-18-2013 AVISO A LA PRENSA: El Consejo de Recursos Atmosféricos en Lake Elsinore para inspeccionar camiones pesados
11-18-2013 MEDIA ADVISORY: Air Resources Board visits Lake Elsinore for big rig inspections
11-18-2013 Consejo de Recursos Atmosféricos anuncia planes de cambios al Reglamento de Camiones y Autobuses de California
11-14-2013 ARB announces planned changes to California’s Truck and Bus Regulation
11-13-2013 First California carbon offsets approved under Forestry Protocol
10-24-2013 Governors Announce Bold Initiative to Put 3.3 Million Zero-Emission Vehicles on the Road by 2025
10-24-2013 Gobernadores anuncian nuevas iniciativas para lograr tener 3.3 millones de vehículos de cero emisiones en las carreteras para el 2025
10-21-2013 AVISO A LA PRENSA: El Consejo de Recursos Atmosféricos regresa a Fresno para realizar inspecciones de camiones pesados
10-21-2013 MEDIA ADVISORY: Air Resources Board revisits Fresno for big rig inspections
10-18-2013 KS Industries fined $230,000 for diesel fleet violations
10-11-2013 Components of particle pollution may contribute to heart disease
10-01-2013 El Consejo de Recursos Atmosféricos (ARB) emite una versión actualizada para comentar sobre el Plan de Alcance para
el proyecto de ley AB 32
10-01-2013 Air Resources Board issues discussion draft of updated AB 32 Scoping Plan
10-01-2013 California and Quebec sign agreement to integrate, harmonize their cap-and-trade programs
09-27-2013 COMUNICADO DE PRENSA : California añade $72.5 millones para avanzar su flota de vehículos hacia un futuro libre de emisiones
09-26-2013 California adds $72.5 million to accelerate its vehicle fleet towards a zero-emission future
09-17-2013 Air Resources Board prepares to issue first carbon offset credits
09-16-2013 MEDIA ADVISORY: Air Resources Board in Sacramento for big rig inspections
09-11-2013 New member appointed to the California Air Resources Board
09-09-2013 COMUNICADO DE PRENSA: Consejo de Recursos Atmosféricos continua campaña contra la contaminación proveniente de camiones en el área del Otay Mesa
09-09-2013 MEDIA ADVISORY: Air Resources Board cracks down on polluting trucks in Border area
09-09-2013 Two disposal companies are fined a combined $77,875 for violating air quality regulations
09-09-2013 Consumer Products companies fined for air quality violations
08-29-2013 Two California Firms and Owner Agree to Settle Clean Air Act Violations Stemming from Illegal Import of Vehicles
08-21-2013 Air Resources Releases August Cap-And-Trade Auction Results
08-12-2013 COMUNICADO DE PRENSA: Consejo de Recursos Atmosféricos continua campaña contra la contaminación proveniente de camiones en el área del Este de Los Ángeles
08-12-2013 MEDIA ADVISORY: Air Resources Board cracks down on polluting trucks in East Los Angeles area
08-12-2013 California Air Resources Board now accepting applications for CoolCalifornia Small Business Awards Program
08-12-2013 Shippers fined $440K for violating fuel regulation
08-12-2013 Beauty product distributor fined $213,000 for selling hair-styling products that violate air quality regulations
08-12-2013 MEDIA ADVISORY: UCLA professor/author to speak on Climate Change: Its Impact on California’s Cities and Economy
08-02-2013 Tucker Rocky and Biker’s Choice fined $500,000 for sales of illegal aftermarket motorcycle parts in California
07-30-2013 California Air Resources Board signs agreement with Australian climate agency
07-22-2013 MEDIA ADVISORY: Lecture: Black Carbon and California's climate - New Findings
07-18-2013 Chevron fined $422,500 for selling non-compliant gasoline and diesel to the California market
07-12-2013 Air Resources Board fines nine companies under greenhouse gas reporting rule
06-27-2013 Three cities win awards for efforts by households to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
06-26-2013 MEDIA ADVISORY: CoolCalifornia City Challenge Awards Presented
06-25-2013 Air Resources Board visits Salinas for big rig inspections
06-25-2013 ARB Chairman says president's plan will benefit California
06-24-2013 Thermo King pays $213,200 penalty for violating state air pollution laws
06-19-2013 Air Resources Board steps up border area enforcement
06-18-2013 California and Shenzhen, China, sign agreement to cooperate on fighting climate change
06-13-2013 California's efforts to clean up diesel engines have helped reduce impact of climate change on state, study finds
06-07-2013 Piaggio fined $175,000 for offering uncertified and other non-compliant motorcycles for sale in California
06-07-2013 Akrapovic America fined $88,000 for offering illegally modified motorcycle exhaust system in California
06-07-2013 $44,000 in fines paid by Yamaha Motor Corporation
06-05-2013 Vance & Hines fined $500,000 for sales of illegal aftermarket motorcycle exhaust systems in California
06-04-2013 Edie Chang chosen as new ARB Deputy Executive Officer
05-31-2013 Finish Line pays $157,000 to Air Resources Board for air quality violations
05-31-2013 Pier 1 Imports Inc. and its manufacturer Scent Shop Inc. pay $138,000 fine
05-21-2013 Air Resources releases results of third cap-and-trade auction
05-10-2013 Sears fined $285,000 for offering uncertified gas-powered stand-up scooters for sale in California
05-10-2013 ARB settles air quality case with Mex-Cal Trucklines for $300K
05-08-2013 Two new members appointed to the Air Resources Board
04-26-2013 State and local district air quality officials to define best practices for enhanced monitoring of refinery accidents
04-22-2013 MEDIA ADVISORY: Air Resources Board visits Santa Maria for big rig inspections
04-19-2013 Air Resources Board sets date for linking cap-and-trade program with Québec
04-05-2013 ARB announces appointment of new Executive Officer
03-29-2013 CARB Chairman applauds USEPA’s proposed new clean car, fuel rule
03-21-2013 ARB adds $6 million to help consumers buy the cleanest cars
03-13-2013 Higher ‘asthma burden’ among minorities, low-income groups tied to increased exposure to air pollution
03-08-2013 Air Resources Board announces listing of early-action carbon offset projects
03-07-2013 Suzuki Motor Corporation fined $3 million for selling uncertified motorcycles
03-11-2013 Yamaha fined $ 2.2 million for violating air quality rules
03-06-2013 ARB announces workshops on cleaning up emissions from farm equipment in the San Joaquin Valley
02-25-2013 MEDIA ADVISORY: Air Resources Board returns to Fresno for big rig inspections
02-22-2013 Air Resources releases results for second cap-and-trade auction
02-22-2013 MEDIA ADVISORY- Availability of the February 19, 2013 GHG Allowance Auction Results
02-19-2013 Study shows toxicity of components of California fine particle air pollution
02-14-2013 Air Resources Board staff re-files Clean Fuels Outlet regulation
01-17-2013 Foster Enterprises fined $300,000 for violating California air quality laws
01-14-2013 MEDIA ADVISORY:
01-08-2013 Hair styling and hair spray manufacturers fined for violating air quality rules
01-08-2013 Consumer Products companies pay for air quality violations

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