ARB Educates and Ensures Truckers in Compliance

ARB Educates and Ensures Truckers in Compliance

Truckers fined for violating law

ARB held an outreach event Tuesday, February 26th, off Highway 99 in Fresno. ARB enforcement along with the CHP not only inspected trucks to ensure their compliance with the law regarding pollution standards, but reached out to educate truckers on how and why they need to be in compliance. During the event 215 trucks and transport refrigeration unit trailers were inspected, and 23 citations were issued. The key message is California is serious about cleaning up the air, and those that don’t comply face hefty fines.

This is all part of ARB’s ongoing Gear Up/Clean Up enforcement campaign to help California clean up pollutants from diesel trucks. For more information on yesterday’s event see the following coverage:
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PLEASE NOTE: There is an error in the ABC story posted on the web. ARB does not issue “fix-it” tickets. If a trucker is not in compliance it is a citation that incorporates a fine.