Image source does not exist News Release: 2012-12-27 $35,000 in fines paid by San Joaquin Regional Transit District

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$35,000 in fines paid by San Joaquin Regional Transit District

$8,800 to fund community college programs

SACRAMENTO - The Air Resources Board announced that San Joaquin Regional Transit District, a company that provides regional bus service for residents in the San Joaquin County with fixed routes connecting to nearby cities, was fined $35,250 for failing to comply with state air emissions requirements for trucks and buses.

An investigation by the ARB revealed that the transit district did not comply with the Transit Fleet Vehicle rule by neglecting to install legally required emission reduction devices by the appropriate compliance dates.  In addition, the company failed to properly self-inspect their diesel trucks as required under the Periodic Smoke Inspection Program to assure the trucks met state smoke emission testing standards.  

“These programs are in place to allow businesses to hold themselves accountable,” said ARB Enforcement Chief Jim Ryden. “Clean air should be a priority for all businesses in California, including transit fleet operators.”

Under the settlement agreement, the district agreed to pay $35,250.00 on October 25, with $26,437.50 going to the California Air Pollution Control Fund. The remaining $8,812.50 will go to Peralta Community College District to fund emissions education classes conducted by participating California community colleges, under the California Council for Diesel Education and Technology program.  

San Joaquin Regional Transit District also agreed that it would comply with the requirements of the Transit Fleet Vehicle rule and the Periodic Smoke Inspection Program.

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