Release 00-06
March 23, 2000 
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Air Board Requires Modernization of Gasoline Vapor Recovery Systems

       SACRAMENTO -  The California Air Resources Board (ARB) today passed regulations requiring modernization of the vapor recovery systems at the state’s gas stations and other gasoline pumping facilities.

        The regulations require a series of changes to the systems that capture smog-forming vapors from gasoline tanks and pumps.  The changes will be phased in from 2001 through 2008.

       “The result will be a state-wide reduction of 25 tons-per-day (TPD) in smog-forming emissions by 2010, which includes a 10 TPD reduction in the Los Angeles area,” said ARB Chairman Dr. Alan Lloyd.  This is the equivalent of removing almost 2 million automobiles from California roads.

       The regulations cover approximately 11,000 California facilities including full-service and self-service gas stations, mini-marts, utilities and other public agencies with gas pumps, and private companies that have their own gas pumps.

        The phase-in calls for updating current gasoline dispensing systems by utilizing new and emerging technologies to make vapor recovery more reliable and effective. The new requirements include:

       The regulations also change the certification process to improve the long-term reliability of vapor recovery equipment.

       An ARB review is scheduled for 2002 to assure technology is advancing to enable implementation of the regulations calling for leak-proof nozzles.  The Board also requested staff  pay special attention to any potential impact the rule may have on small, independent service stations.

       The Air Resources Board is a department of the California Environmental Protection Agency.  ARB's mission is to promote and protect public health, welfare, and ecological resources through effective reduction of air pollutants while recognizing and considering effects on the economy.  The ARB oversees all air pollution control efforts in California to attain and maintain health based air quality standards.

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