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March 25, 1994                                                                                                   (916) 322-2990

ARB Approves Clean Diesel Fuel Produced by Tosco

        SACRAMENTO - The state Air Resources Board (ARB) today approved a clean-burning diesel fuel produced by Tosco Corp., a move that will result in hundreds of millions of gallons of low-polluting fuel being sold at least two years ahead of schedule.

        The blend produced by Tosco, an independent refiner from Concord, CA, is designed to meet ARB standards that reduce soot-like particles by 25 percent and smog-forming nitrogen oxide emissions from buses and trucks by 7 percent.

        Tosco becomes the fifth refiner to produce the cleaner-burning fuel by taking advantage of an option in the rule that allows oil companies to develop alternative formulas to the ARB specifications, as long as they reduce the same amount of pollution. The option is designed to give oil companies flexibility to meet air quality goals in the most cost-effective manner possible.

        Refiners who do not develop their own alternative formula are required to produce fuel to the ARB specifications.

        Like all refiners in the state, Tosco complied with an ARB requirement to sell diesel fuel with sulfur levels reduced approximately 80 percent, beginning in October 1993. As an independent, however, it was allowed to sell diesel fuel with high levels of aromatics, a component of diesel fuel that is responsible for smog-creating emissions. In addition, Tosco had been given a variance by the ARB to exceed a previous sales limit for that fuel.

        By certifying a new diesel blend that meets the emissions levels for both low aromatic and low sulfur, Tosco agreed to meet the same fuel standards as other large oil companies and also gave up its variance. By meeting air quality standards in 1994 that it otherwise would not have to meet until 1996, Tosco is expected to sell more than 400 million gallons of diesel fuel that meets the cleaner standards, according to ARB estimates.

        In announcing the certification, James D. Boyd, ARB executive officer said, "This is a big step toward cleaning up diesel pollution. Tosco will join the ranks of oil companies that are selling the nation's cleanest diesel fuel. By doing it two years ahead of schedule, the cleaner diesel will pay extra public health benefits to the people in California who are regularly exposed to diesel pollution.

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