New Source Review - Relative California Health and Safety Code Sections

This page updated April 11, 2011

Basic nonattainment area planning requirements; includes New Source Review requirements specified subsections:

  • 40918(a)(1) Requirements for areas with moderate air pollution
  • 40919(a)(2) Requirements for areas with serious air pollution
  • 40920(a)&(b) Requirements for areas with severe air pollution
  • 40920.5(a)&(b) Requirements for areas with extreme air pollution

Basic Banking Requirements for Offsets/Emission Reduction Credits

  • 40709 District banking and offset system
  • 40709.5 Review of emission credit systems-includes requirements for publication of the cost of offsets in Subsection (e). For further information on the cost of offsets report, Click Here
  • 40709.6 Using credits from another district or another air basin
  • 40710 Emision reduction certificates
  • 40711 Transfer of approved credit
  • 40712 Co-ownership of credit
  • 40713 Approval procedures for credit

Special cases in the generation and use of offsets/emission reductions

  • 39617 Mobile source credits. For further information on the mobile source emission reduction credit program, Click Here
  • 44100 Accelerated light-duty vehicle retirement program
  • 44122 Emission reductions achieved from retired vehicles. For further inforamtion on the Mobile Source Program, Click Here
  • 40709.7 Closing/realigning military base reductions
  • 40714.5 Credits from sources which are exempt from permits
  • 40918.7 Using credits from another district under specific circumstances
  • 40920.6 Includes using credits in lieu of best available retrofit control technology (BARCT)
  • 42301.2 Offset requirements for emission control technology
  • 42301.13 Offset requirements for removal or relocation of a stationary source
  • 41605 Generating credits from cogeneration projects
  • 42314 Offset requirements for cogeneration projects
  • 41605.5 Generating credits from using agricultural waste
  • 42314.5 Offsets requirements for facilities that use agricultural waste

District repeal of its "no-net-increase" program:

  • 40918.5 Actions needed to repeal a "no-net-increase" program
  • 40918.6 Periodic ARB reevaluation of the need for a "no-net-increase" program

Related credit programs:

  • 39607.5 Methodology for district calculation of emission reduction...
  • 39616 Market-based incentive programs. For further information on the "RECLAIM" program in the South Coast AQMD, Click Here