Haagen-Smit Symposium 2008

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Haagen Smit photo

The 2008 Haagen-Smit Symposium brought together 80 policymakers and other progressive thinkers from throughout California to talk candidly about the role of land use and transportation in meeting AB 32 requirements and achieving California’s vision of a low-carbon future.

The panel presentations and discussions were stimulating and insightful – the PowerPoint presentations are provided below. But, more importantly, two action-oriented documents were produced during the final stages of the symposium that help set the stage for development of the land use and transportation section of the AB 32 Scoping Plan. These two documents, the Haagen-Smit Declaration and Seascape Action Plan lay out priority actions needed to meet AB 32 goals by reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with land use and transportation and recommendations from the Haagen-Smit particpants for ARB consideration as it develops the Scoping Plan.

Other Haagen-Smit documents:

Panels and PowerPoint Presentations
(Note: if no presentation is linked to a panelist, that panelist did not have a Powerpoint.)

Wednesday, April 9

How Land Use Influences Travel Behavior

Steve Winkelman, Center for Clean Air Policy (PDF)

Jerry Walters, Fehr & Peers (PDF - 4 MB)

The Local Level: Where Things Really Happen

Jake Mackenzie, Mayor, Rohnert Park (PDF - 5 MB)

Will Fleissig, President, Communitas Development Inc./Madison Marquette (PDF - 15 MB)

Rick Cole, Ventura City Manager (PDF - 2 MB)

Regional Perspective: What’s Needed to Ensure that Good Plans and Blueprints Become a Reality?

Steve Heminger, Metropolitan Transportation Commission (PDF)

Hasan Ikhrata, Southern California Association of Governments (PDF)

Gary Gallegos, San Diego Association of Governments (PDF - 4 MB)

Christopher Cabaldon, Mayor, West Sacramento, representing the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (PDF)

Thursday, April 10

Land Use Subgroup of the Climate Action Team – Update of Actions

Panama Bartholomy, California Energy Commission (PDF- 5 MB)

Summary of Expert Interviews and Regional Workshops On Land Use, Transportation & Climate Change

Susan Shaheen, UC Berkeley, Transportation Sustainability Research Center (PDF)

Been There. Done That. Now What?

William Fulton, Solimar Research Group, Inc, and USC (PDF)

Art Bauer, Consultant, Senate Transportation & Housing Committee (PDF)

Elizabeth Deakin, Professor of City & Regional Planning and Urban Design, UC Berkeley (PDF - 2 MB)

Challenge to Change: Dialogue on Key Approaches (Group Discussion)

Regional Targets Plus Incentives

Tom Adams, California League of Conservation Voters (PDF)

Applying Proven Solutions Without Delay

Kathryn Phillips, Environmental Defense (PDF)

Let the Blueprints Work
Richard Lyon, Building Industry Association

Carbon Budgets for Cities

Dan Sperling, UC Davis and Air Resources Board

Documents handed out during the symposium:

City Carbon Budgets: Aligning Incentives for Climate-Friendly Communities (PDF)
Draft Ahwahnee Principals for Climate Change (PDF)

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