Interchangeable Emission Reduction Credits

This page last reviewed August 30, 2010


The State Legislature enacted legislation (AB 1777, Brewer, Statutes of 1995) now codified as Health and Safety Code sections 39607.5 and 39617. To fulfill the legislative directive contained in section 39607.5, ARB adopted a methodology for use by districts to calculate the value of credits when those credits are used interchangeably by regulated sources for compliance purposes. This regulation establishes a uniform regulatory framework that maximizes opportunities contained in applicable state and federal requirements related to credit generation and use, and district rules that are consistent with these requirements.

This web page provides the documents leading up, but not including, the formal rulemaking process.

Documents Pertaining to the May 22, 1997 Public Hearing

  • Notice of Public Availability of Modified Text -- Public Hearing to Consider a Regulation to Establish a Statewide Methodology to Calculate the Value of Emission Reduction Credits that are Used Interchangeably (PDF - 185KB)
  • Notice of Public Hearing to Consider the Adoption of a Statewide Methodology to Calculate the Value of Interchangeable Emission Reduction Credits ( PDF - 63 KB)
  • Initial Statement of Reasons for Rulemaking  (PDF - 315 KB)

Workshop Notices and Related Topics

March 14 and 17, 1997
  • Workshop Notice to Receive Public Comment on Draft Rule to Establish a Statewide Methodology Governing the Interchangeable Use of Emission Reduction Credits (PDF - 70KB)

September 19 - 20, 1996
  • Workshop Notice to Draft Rule to Establish a Methodology Governing the Interchangeable Use of Emission Reduction Credits  (PDF - 99KB)