Revision to the 1994 California SIP -- On-Road Heavy Duty Vehicles

This page updated January 7, 1999.

This Staff Report (PDF -- 60 KB), initially released on January 27, 1998, has been modified to reflect the resolutions of the Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) at the February 26, 1998 hearing. The sections that have been modified in accordance with ARB Resolution 98-11 are:


The cover page to reflect that the State Implementation Plan revisions have been adopted by the Board.


The section entitled Submission of New Measure M-17:  Additional Emissions Reductions from Heavy-Duty Vehicles, and Appendix B, Description of Measure M-17, to reflect the changes made to the market-based incentives element of M-17 in response to testimony heard before the Board.


A section entitled Board Action has been added to reflect the actions taken by the Board at the February 26, 1998 hearing.

1994 California State Implementation Plan