Inventories and Conformity Budgets Documentation

This page last reviewed May 15, 2014

Proposed 2004 Revisions to the Carbon Monoxide Maintenance Plan
Inventories and Conformity Budgets Documentation

ARB staff based the inventories for the ten federal CO planning areas on version 2.10 of ARB's Central California Ozone Study (CCOS).

ARB staff updated the on-road motor vehicle inventories from  EMFAC2002   to include the latest travel activity provided by the local transportation planning agencies.  The on-roadmotor vehicle inventories are also used to derive the transportation conformity emission budgets.

ARB staff also adjusted the off-road mobile source inventory.   Recent survey data indicated that the population of some types of lawn and garden equipment (included in the small off-road equipment (SORE) portion of the off-road inventory) is considerably higher than previously estimated - from two to 40 times higher depending on the equipment type.   Exhaust emissions, when averaged for all small off-road engines less than 25 horsepower (includes lawn and garden equipment from commercial and industrial categories) increased by a factor of approximately 1.5 depending on the year (1993, 2003, 2010, or 2018) and county.   Please view the  Offroad Modeling Change Technical Memo  for information describing the basis and magnitude of the adjustment to the statewide SORE inventory.    SORE Carbon Monoxide Emissions Tables displaying the tons per day changes to the SORE inventory in each of the ten areas

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