Motor Vehicle Emissions Inventory and Budget Documentation

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Proposed 2004 Revisions to the California State Implementation Plan
for Carbon Monoxide
Updated Maintenance Plan for Ten Federal Planning Areas

The proposed 2004 Revision to the California State Implementation Plan for Carbon Monoxide (CO Maintenance Plan) covers ten federal planning areas in California (see list below) as an update to the 1996 CO Maintenance Plan approved by U.S. EPA on June 1, 1998.  This page documents the updates to the on-road motor vehicle emissions inventory, and the development of the 2003 and 2018 transportation conformity budgets contained in the proposed CO Maintenance Plan.

Ten Federal Planning Areas for Carbon Monoxide

Bakersfield Metropolitan Area   Modesto Urbanized Area
Chico Urbanized Area   Sacramento Urbanized Area
Fresno Urbanized Area   San Diego Area
Lake Tahoe North Shore Area   San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose Area
Lake Tahoe South Shore Area   Stockton Urbanized Area

The proposed budgets listed below will be considered by ARB at the regularly scheduled Board meeting on July 22-23, 2004. Once adopted, ARB will submit the CO Maintenance Plan, including the conformity budgets, to U.S. EPA for approval. Upon the effective date of a budget adequacy finding by U.S. EPA, the proposed 2004 CO Maintenance Plan budgets must be used in all subsequent transportation conformity determinations.

Proposed Motor Vehicle CO Emissions Budgets
(winter, tons per day)
CO Maintenance Area Area Included in Budget Emission Budget
2003 2018
Bakersfield Western Kern County 180 180
Chico Butte County 80 80
Fresno Fresno County 240 240
Lake Tahoe North Shore Eastern Placer County 11 11
Lake Tahoe South Shore Eastern El Dorado County 19 19
Modesto Stanislaus County 130 130
Sacramento Sacramento County, Yolo County, Western Placer County 420 420
San Diego San Diego County 730 730
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose San Francisco Bay Area Air Basin 1850 1850
Stockton San Joaquin County 170 170

These budgets were developed in close coordination with the regional transportation planning agencies responsible for each area. The budgets include the latest data available at the time of budget development. The following links provide more detailed information regarding the methodologies, model runs, and results used in the development of these budgets. Information for all ten CO areas are included.

CO Budget Derivation   (PDF -- 100 KB)
CO Inventory Documentation and Methods   (PDF -- 133 KB)
CO Inventory Summary and Tables   (MS Excel -- 1.6 MB)
Motor Vehicle Emission Factor Model Used for the CO SIP:  EMFAC2002 v2.2 (April 23, 2003)  
CO Inventory EMFAC2002 Input Files   (WinZip -- 87 KB)

Inventories and Conformity Budgets Documentation