EMFAC2002 -- Transmittal of On-Road Emissions Model to U.S. EPA

This page updated May 7, 2003.

The Air Resources Board (ARB) has transmitted its on-road motor vehicle emission factor model, EMFAC2002, to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) for approval to use in State Implementation Plan (SIP) development and transportation conformity processes in California. The model reflects current vehicle test data, fleet demographic data, and planning information affecting vehicle emissions estimates.

Materials Transmitted to U.S. EPA

Letter to U.S. EPA, December 2003

This letter to U.S. EPA requests approval of EMFAC2002 for use in California, summarizes major improvements to the model, and discusses issues related to its use.

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Enclosure A - Changes in the EMFAC Model

Enclosure A summarizes major changes in EMFAC2002 when compared to prior versions, EMFAC7G and EMFAC7F, and references technical documents that describe each change in detail.

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Enclosure B - EMFAC2002 Public Review Process

Enclosure B lists public meetings and workshops conducted over the past several years leading up to the final EMFAC2002 model.

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Enclosure C - List of Materials Documenting Technical Work and Public
Process on EMFAC2002

Enclosure C is a list of reference documents related to technical work and the public process including technical memos, Board summaries, and workshop presentations. The list includes website links to each document.

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Recommended Methods for Use of EMFAC2002 to Develop Motor Vehicle Emissions Budgets and Assess Conformity

This document discusses recommended procedures for incorporating new estimates of vehicle activity into EMFAC2002 when developing motor vehicle emissions budgets for the State Implementation Plan and assessing conformity with those budgets.

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